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The Gucci Diaries  

Welcome to The Gucci Diaries.  Please meet a favorite Gucci of mine, the Gucci Lady Webb Bag.  This small but roomy little minx can be a cross body or shoulder bag by adjusting the classic Gucci colors red and green strap.  Perfect for running about town hands-free.  After visiting this bag for a few weeks I took my friends for a look and to confirm I was insane for even thinking about purchasing it.   My friend, Libby confidently told the sales person we would be back right after brunch because I was definitely going to buy her today.  She was...

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Dining in South Beach, Miami

For my big birthday weekend I had the idea to revisit a place I used to go to in my younger years, South Beach, Miami.  I knew I didn’t want to replicate the past, that would be silly, but rather to create some new memories.  I have to say I initially thought I had made the biggest mistake ever!  10 women in their 40s and one turning 50 (me) during a Hip Hop weekend in South Beach as opposed to my first idea of a relaxing spa weekend certainly made for memories none of us will ever forget.  Our...

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The GucciDairies 

You all know my penchant for shoes.  I love shoes, they make me happy, never make me feel sad and most of all they do not judge when I have put on a few pounds.  Sadly, of late I have been neglecting sharing this affinity I have with shoes with you.  It is not because I haven’t purchased any new pairs (I have 🙂 ), it really is just because I get so darn busy with my day job and then my inspiration waivers and I just don’t write for a few weeks.  I am hoping the summer months...

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A wine lovers dream: A day at Opus One Winery with winemaker Michael Silacci

Ever since I had my first sip of Opus One wine back in 2011 I have had a little bit of an obsession with this emperor of wines. A few months after my review where I did embarrassingly compare the Opus One 2007 to Brad Pitt, Opus One’s winemaker, Michael Silacci thanked me with an invite to a night to remember dinner at L’Espalier where I was joined by my friend, Rob aka BosGuy. The side-by-side tasting of the 2007 and 2008 I shared with Michael at one of Boston’s finest restaurants are the kind of memories I keep with me and think about when I’m having...

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Porter Family Vineyards and their Sandpiper Rosé 2016

My friend Erika wanted to celebrate her special birthday in Wine Country so asked me to organize a trip for us to Napa Valley.   Two amazing asks in one request!   Firstly, I get to join my friend in one of my favorite places in the world and two, I get to plan!  I do love to plan things.  We stayed at my favorite hotel, the stunning Hotel Yountville right the heart of the little town of Yountville itself.  I put together five days of wine tasting, exquisite dining and a relaxing spa day.  One of the tours I asked...

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