As you all know I like wine, no, let me restate that, I LOVE WINE . . . I do.  I see it as one of the many pleasures in life.  With this in mind, I thought why not write a little about what I am drinking and share on my Blog.  So here goes, no big words, no pretentiousness, short and sweet, just me and my wine.






Laurent Reverdy2010$12France
WHITEAlbarinoMartín Códax Albariño2010$19Spain
WHITEChardonnayStickybeak2010$17Russian Valley River, CA
WHITEChardonnayCakebread Cellars Chardonnay2008$38Napa Valley, CA
WHITEChardonnayCakebread Cellars Chardonnay Reserve2009$49Napa valley, CA
WHITEChardonnayMiner Family Chardonnay2009$24Napa Valley, CA
WHITEChardonnaySequoia Grove2008$24Caneros, CA
WHITECharonnayMarc Mondavi Charonnay2010$20Santa Lucia, CA
WHITEChenin Blanc
Found Object2010$6Paso Robles, CA
WHITEChenin Blanc
Elisabeth Spencer2008$27Mendocino, CA
WHITEPinot GrigioLittle Black Dress2009$13CA
WHITEPinot Grigo
Estancia2009$10Monterey, CA
WHITESauvignon Blanc
Cakebread Sauvignon Blanc 20082008$29Napa Valley, CA
WHITEChablisPetit Chablis Domaine d’Elise Frederic Prain2011$15France
WHITESauvignon BlancArona2010$10Marlborough, New Zealand
WHITESauvignon BlancSt. Supery2010$19Napa Valley, CA
WHITESauvignon BlancSterling Vineyards2010$14Napa Valley, CA
WHITESauvignon BlancChateau Ste. Michelle2010$12Columbia Valley, CA
WHITESauvignon BlancMedlock Ames2010$27Alexandar Valley, CA
WHITESauvignon BlancIndaba2010$8South Africa
WHITESauvignon BlancFrog’s Leap2009$13Rutherford, CA
WHITESauvignon BlancEco Balance2009$11Casablanca valley, Chile
WHITESauvignon Blanc
Debauchery Sauvignon Blanc 2011, Casablanca Valley, Chile2011$14Casablanca Valley, Chile
WHITESauvignon Blanc
Bogle Vineyards2009$12CA
SPARKLINGSparklingSegura Viudas, Cava Brut Reserva$10Spain
SPARKLINGSparklingCostarosa Sangue di Giuda dell’oltrepo Pavese, Lombardia, Italy$18Italy
ROSEPinot NoirAnthony Nappa Anomaly Pinot Noir 2011, New York2011$20NY
REDOther Reds, Folie a Deux, Menage a Trois Red
Folie à Deux Ménage à Trois2009$12Napa Valley, CA
REDOther Reds, Opus OneOpus One2008$200~Napa Valley, CA
REDOther Reds, Opus One
Opus One2007$200~Napa Valley, CA
REDBurgundyVincent Girardin, Macon-Fuisse, Maconnaise Burgundy 20092009$18Burgundy, France
REDOther Reds, Rioja Crianza
Carlos Serres2008$16Spain
REDOther Reds, Untamed RedToasted Head2007$20CA
REDOther whites, GodelloCastelo do Papa Godello2010$16Spain
Gnarly Head Old Vine2009$10CA
REDCabernet SauvignonBonterra2010$14Mendocino Country, CA
REDCabernet SauvignonCono Sur2010$9Chile
REDPinot Noir
Masut Estate Pinot Noir 2010, Mendocino County2010$19Mendocino County, CA
REDPinot NoirDog Point Pinot Noir 2007 Marlborough2007$30Marlborough, New Zealand
REDPinot NoirElisabeth Spencer, Pinot Noir 2007, Sonoma Coast2007$55Sonoma Coast, CA
REDPinot Noir
Little Black Dress2011$11CA
REDCabernet SauvignonLittle Black Dress2008$11CA
REDSangioveseMiner Family, Gibson Ranch2008$24Medocino County, CA
REDCabernet SauvignonCono Sur Visión Single Vineyard2008$13Chile
REDCabernet Sauvignon
Little Black Dress2007$11CA
REDCabernet Sauvignon
St.Supéry2009$25Napa valley, CA
REDCabernet SauvignonBlack Box Wines2010$20Chile
REDCabernet Sauvignon
The Divining Rod2010$20Alexander Valley, CA
REDChiantiRicasoli Brolio Chianti Classico 20092009$20Italy
REDMalbec Zolo2010$10Argentina
REDMerlotMerlot 2009, Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 Black Box Wines2009
REDOther Reds, BirilloBirillo2008$21Tuscany, Italy
REDOther Reds, Chocolate Shop Wine
Chocolate Shop Wine$9
REDOther Reds, Côtes-du-Rhône
Château Beauchêne Côtes-du-Rhône2009$14France
REDSolà Fred, Cellar El Masroig, Priorat County, Spain 2009 - $13
Solà Fred 2009, Celler El Masroig, Priorat County, Spain2009$13Priorat County, Spain
REDOther Reds, Dehesa Gago Anada Dehesa Gago Anada2009$17Spain
REDOther Reds, Errazuriz CarmenereErrazuriz Carmenere Single Vineyard2009$18Chile
REDSyrahSequoia Grove, Stagecoach Vineyard2008$30Napa Valley, CA
Found Object2010$7Colchagua Valley, Chile
Cakebread Cellars2007$55Napa Valley, CA
REDOther Reds, Rebellious RedSequoia Grove2008$34Napa Valley, CA
REDPinot NoirAugust Cellars Pinot Noir 2009, Williamette Valley, Oregon2009$18Wiliamette Valley, Oregon
REDOther Reds, Grenache/SyrahLa Gramière 2009, South Rhone Valley, France2009$17Southern Rhone Valley, France
REDCarbernet SauvignonHill Family Estate “Red Door” 20102010$85Napa Valley
WHITEPinot Grigio90+ Cellars Pinot Grigio 2012, Italy2012$15Italy
WHITESauvignon BlancHill Family Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2013, Napa Valley2013$18Napa Valley
WHITESauvignon BlancSterling Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 2012, Napa Valley2012$14Napa Valley
WHITEViognerTabalí Reserva Viognier 2013, Limarí, Chile2013$18Chile
WHITEChardonnayLouis Jadot Chardonnay 2012, France2012$19France
ROSESancerreDomaine Vacheron Sancerre Rosé 20132013$30France
WHITEPinot GrisAmisfield Pinot Gris 2012, New Zealand2012$20New Zealand
REDMalbecDiamAndes Perlita Malbec-Syrah 2012, Mendoza Argentina2012$12Argentina
WHITESauvignon BlancWilliam Hill Sauvignon Blanc 2013, Napa Valley North Coast2013$14Napa Valley
WHITEChardonnayPaul Hobbs Chardonnay2013$24Sonoma
WHITEChardonnay2013$29Santa Lucia Highlands
REDPinot Noir2013$31Santa Lucia Highlands
ROSEPinor Noir2013$21France
ROSEPinot Noir$11France
ROSE/SPARKLINGPinot Noir$18France
REDZinfandelKlinker Brick Old Vine Zinfandel2012$17California
WHITEPinot GrigioCalifornia
WHITESauvignon BlancGalerie “Naissance,” Napa ValleyCalifornia
REDSyrahKinton SyrahCalifornia
REDCabernet SauvignonMt. Brave, Mt. Veeder, Napa ValleyCalifornia
REDCabernet SauvignonArrowood Reserve Speciale, SonomaCalifornia
WHITEAlbarino2013$24Napa Valley
REDCote du Rhone2013$13France
REDCote du Rhone2013$16France
REDCote du Rhone2013$18France
REDChateauneuf du Pape2013$38France
ROSEGrenacheEarl Georges de Blanquet Vin Sentier de Provence 20152015$14France
ROSEPinot Noir2016$30Napa Valley
WHITEChardonnay2015$30Napa Valley
REDRED BLEND2014$28Napa Valley
REDCabernet Sauvignon2013$22Napa Valley
WHITESauvignon Blanc2015$30Napa Valley
WHITESauvignon Blanc2015$22Napa Valley
REDBordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon2011, 2013, 2015$250Napa Valley
WHITEPinot Gristhe-capital-grille-boston/">2016$23Williamette Valley, Oregan
WHITESauvignon Blancrille-boston/">2016$25Sonoma Country
WHITEChardonnay2015$30Santa Maria Valley
REDPinot Noir2015$35Wiliammette Valley, Oregan
REDCabernet Sauvignon2014$35Sonoma County
REDZinfandel2013$35Mendocino, Argentina
REDCabernet Sauvignon2012$69Napa Valley
REDSyrah2013$65Napa Valley