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In My Shoes, No wait, In My Awesome New Shoes

So, recently without even noticing I have turned into a legging wearing person.  I wear them all the time when I am not working.  I wear them at home, going shopping, meeting friends for wine, on casual Friday’s… wait that is working – yikes.  I literally wear leggings all the time!!!!  Of course, I have done this before when I have felt a little weighty around the mid region.  I am avoiding jeans like the plague.  I have a deep seated fear of putting them on and falling into a black hole so deep I can never ever get out it because of the muffin...

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Dining Fun in NYC and Brad Pitt

So, in thinking about sharing my weekend, I was wondering how best I might do this and after going back and forth with the details of every single thing, I thought that fast track, top line, and fewer details might suffice. I am also going to try to do this so you can read it in 60 seconds or less – I really really don’t think it’s possible but let’s try!  I actually think it is totally impossible!  Okay, here goes… Arrived in New York for two things, one that I needed to be there on Monday for reviews, but more...

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Working Out and Going Out = I wish I was 10 Years Younger

As I sat across the breakfast table at the café this morning looking at my two friends, Laurie and Kathleen, I realized 40-something life can sometimes be like agonizing pain.  While they looked quite refreshed and like they had slept for 10 hours straight and hadn’t had a drink for more than a week – which by the way is the complete opposite of what they did do; I was dying with lack of sleep, a pillow scar across my face and feeling like my body had been hit by a car!!!!   I remember the days when I could survive on...

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