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Wine Tasting:  French vs. Argentinian Malbec

Each year I offer a wine tasting at my home as part of my company’s annual charity.  I absolutely love hosting, love talking about wine but more importantly I love that so many people seem to want to join me in my wine enthusiasm away from the office.  I always wait until springtime to do this so people are not trudging through the miserable weather of a Boston winter and this past Saturday was the perfect evening.  About 15 colleagues and significant others joined me in a French vs. Argentinian Malbec tasting where we learned that an Hungarian Farmer...

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A Weekend in San Diego, CA

This past Labor Day weekend, I took a very short but super fun trip to San Diego.  This gorgeous temperate part of California relaxed my soul and fueled my heart that the world still has polite and kind people and apparently they all live in San Diego.  There is just such a laid back, warm way about San Diego folks.  The weather itself was an absolutely perfect walking around 72-75 degrees of warm weather with a light breeze.  Accommodation We stayed at The US Grant Hotel close to the Gaslamp Quarter.  This old and beautiful hotel looked after us...

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A Tourist in Seattle

Being the self-named “Queen of the Long Weekend” I continued my exploration of US cities I have not yet traveled to with a trip to Seattle.  Each year my friend, Stacey and I think of a place to go in the US and plan a tourist and usually food filled, wine soaked weekend of fun.  Just a few of the cities we have traveled to together are Los Angeles, Toronto and Savannah.  Next year we are thinking Nashville.  Seattle completely lived up to everything I have seen or read about it with raining every single day and being on...

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Wine Tasting at Nantucket Vineyard – Cisco Brewers, Nantucket

Back in May I did a write up on Dining and Wining in Nantucket after a blissfully relaxing weekend with a group of friends.  I had every intention of doing a more detailed write up on Cisco Brewers and never got around to it.  To be honest, I have struggled with getting around to writing at all due to my day job, however this past weekend I hunkered down and was in blog heaven most of the day.  I loved it!! So, to Cisco Brewers.  Before heading to Nantucket, a place I had not been to in about 10 years...

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A Summer Dinner Party paired with MBTI

This past weekend I hosted a summer dinner party for a group of close friends.  As with all of my dinner parties, I do like to fully plan them out and usually do a food theme such Italian , French, Greek, Mexican and British but this time I thought I would do something a little different.  By day I work for a consulting firm where I lead a number learning programs.  One of my favorites is doing a program using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) of which I am a qualified practitioner.  The MBTI is the most widely used personality assessment in the world, which offers...

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