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Motown: The Musical

I was recently invited to go and see Motown: The Musical by some professional contacts I have made through work.  While these amazing women were not my friends, I feel that now we are bound by the joy of some of the greatest music ever made. Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, The Supremes, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and many other talented musical artists of that era rejoiced us with memorable songs.  I was transformed by Smokey’s lyrics and Diana’s mesmerizing voice, while I watched with glee as the story of the Motown independent label unfolds in the most delightfully entertaining...

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HUZZAH! Tavern Night at the Boston Tea Party

When I first arrived in Boston back in 1998 I spent a lot of time being a tourist and enjoying the wonderful things that this historic city has to offer.  As I have now been here an very long time, the tourist in me is gone but given the chance, I will always try something a little different. One of our teams at work was putting together a night out and to all our surprise the HUZZAH! Tavern Night at the Boston Tea Party Museum was recommended and agreed upon.  I am not entirely sure how that happened, especially for me being British...

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Hello Again… A Play by Michael John LaChiusa and Directed by Michael Bello

I do like to celebrate and rejoice in my local theaters so when I get the chance I will always indulge in taking in a play, especially at the Bridge Repertory Theater. One of the most memorable plays I have seen in the last year was The Lover by Harold Pinter, which left me brewed up with a number of emotions from making me feel uncomfortable, to being amused, to being saddened but ultimately thinking about how difficult relationships can be.  Ultimately, a truly enjoyable play. This past Saturday after a fun dinner at the new Merrill & Co., I went...

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Musical Review… Memphis the Musical at the Colonial Theater, Boston

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be offered tickets to the hit musical  and Tony Award winning show Memphis the Musical from the Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau.  I looked at a few reviews as I hadn’t heard of this show and knew immediately I wanted to see it. Memphis the Musical is set in the 1950s when rock n’ roll and rhythm and blues was coming to the forefront of the music world and along with that we were also at the start of the civil rights movement.  This outstanding show brings both of these amazing times in history to a spectacularly entertaining show that had me cheering with joy, clapping with glee, crying with sadness and laughing until my stomach hurt.  I loved every single second of it. Huey Calhoun is a hard on his luck DJ who walks into an all-black music club one night.  He quickly becomes enraptured by the music and also a singer, Felicia who is the sister of the club owner.  This is the back-drop of the show.  Music is at the forefront. Based loosely on real life character, Dewey Phillips who was one of the first DJs to play Elvis Presley, the character Huey did a similar thing with rock ‘n roll at a department store where he worked.  The store fires him but he is soon taken on by a local...

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A Twist on Paella with Chicken & Asparagus

These days when I am not working or writing my blog, I am constantly thinking about things to post.   My little blog has been one of my passions of late and I love it and thank you to anyone and everyone who reads it!  There are so many things going on, which then leaves me little time to actually write anything at all.  I don’t know how I do it 🙂.  Nice segue into the fact that I went to the movies to see “I Don’t Know How She Does It“ with Sarah Jessica Parker.  I have to say I quite liked it.  First good thing she has done since...

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