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Matthew McConaughey and Max Brenner

  What a fun Saturday evening.  I started my evening out with Marcella quite early to go and see “The Lincoln Lawyer.”   Although Matthew only took his shirt off once, this is a surprisingly good movie with lots of plot twists and turns.  Ryan Phi llipe is superb as the good guy/bad guy – what is he?  Good or Bad?  You will have to go and see the movie.  It was definitely a good Saturday night movie. After the movies, we were trying to think of somewhere to go for dinner when Marcella remembered that the new “Max Brenner” restaurant had just opened.  The naughty chocolatier, famous for his chocolate ingenious creations but also for his customers pouring chocolate over each other in France, has now opened his second store and restaurant on the East Coast. Max Brenner’s restaurant and store is like walking into a Willy Wonka factory – so fun.  I think this place would bring a smile to anyone’s face!  Chocolate everywhere!  Jars, bottles and containers of it on every shelf in the restaurant!   The restaurant is bustling, loud and so colorful.  It’s like walking into a happy place that also serves alcohol. The bar area was packed so we expected to wait for a seat as the restaurant has only been open three days.  To our surprise we were seated in the restaurant immediately.  No sooner had we sat down, AJ, our awesome waiter came over to greet...

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No Strings Attached

In the latest of RomCom movies, No Strings Attached has a nice twist to the boy meets girl typical script.  This movie has been slated by critics but I actually quite enjoyed it and giggled throughout.  I am probably not the best critic of romantic comedies, as I do love them all :).  At least most of them! A far cry from her role in Black Swan, Natalie Portman plays Emma, a young resident doctor who is emotionally scared and has serious commitment issues and doesn’t really get relationships.  Ashton Kutcher plays Adam – cute and adorable as an incurable romantic who you cant help but root for throughout the movie.  Of course, as with all romantic comedies, the sidekicks are key to the making or breaking of the movie, and the group of friends, including Ludacrus, Kevin Kline and Lake Bell, did not disappoint with funny one-liners and remarkably “dirty” gross-out jokes that would make anyone go a little red.   One thing I will share and probably the funniest and cringiest part of the movie is when Adam makes a “menstrual mix CD” for Emma with songs like “I’ve Got the World on a String” and “Red Red Wine.” I am not sure about the chemistry between Natalie and Ashton but I do like them individually in these roles.  Natalie is very funny and quite dry playing her character and she has marvelous lines...

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The King’s Speech

What an absolutely delightful movie.  Colin Firth is truly at his best in playing King George VI.  And I have to say they should throw every award in the book at him for portraying such an amazing character so well.   To be honest, as a Brit, I sometimes learn more from movies than I ever did in my history class – maybe it was just the awful teacher I had.  I never knew King George had a stammer and how serious it was. The cast of this movie was marvelous.  Helena Bonham Carter played his wife, Elizabeth (affectionately known in my years as the Queen Mum), whose strong passion for her husband pushed him to be the best he could be, and Geoffrey Rush played his speech therapist, Lionel Logue, who was quite wonderful as an Australian self-taught speech therapist and failed actor.  The relationship between King George “Bertie” and Lionel is funny and sweet and sometimes very heartfelt and emotional and the two actors are completely in sync with each other in playing their respective roles. The movie itself focuses on the relationship between “Bertie” and Lionel and the build up to King George’s historic address to his nation when England went to war in 1939 with Germany. You actually hold your breath when he is doing any of his speeches for fear he stutters, stammers and then completely clams up – it is...

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The Social Network

Of course I had to go and see this movie.  I mean this man, Mark Zuckerberg, went from Harvard undergrad without two pennies to rub together and is now worth 25 billion dollars!!!!  The youngest billionaire in the world.  And, I am of course a Facebooker myself. I am not sure how much of the movie is true to actual events but it was entertaining and you do really get into the characters.  In fact, I believe it is only loosely based on the book “The Accidental Billionaires” by Ben Mezrich. My book club read it a while ago to very mixed reviews, even though it is a fascinating read.   I did dislike Mark Zuckerberg from the beginning of the movie right through to the end.  I thought he was an obnoxious, self-centered, socially inept ass.  Is he in real life – I actually can imagine he is?   The actor, Jesse Eisenberg, who plays him is quite brilliant.  Sean Parker, of Napster fame, played by Justin Timberlake, portrayed a paranoid genius who may have the claim of taking Mark’s creation to world-wide phenomena.  Is that true? Most of the film takes place by showing flashbacks from two separate lawsuits.  One from the Winklevoss twins who were suing Mark for stealing their idea, and the other from his partner and CFO, Eduardo Saverin, who you cant help but feel sorry for throughout the movie, as he seemed to have been...

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Catfish Keep the Cod Agile

I watched 20/20 last night about the new controversial docu-movie “Catfish.”  This movie was a major hit at Sundance and is highly talked about right now.  I was actually about to go to bed when I did my usual of remote in hand channel hopping and got totally sucked in – it was so unbelievably fascinating.  The life of a woman who made up a whole persona on Facebook and MySpace.  The persona she made up started with her posting her paintings on her website as an 8-year old girl called Abby. The movie follows a photographer called Nev who lives in NY.  One of his pictures was painted and published by the “8-year old Abby.”  After his photograph was published he started to communicate with her via Facebook and sending more of his photographs to Michigan for Abby to paint.  He then starts communicating with Abby’s family, most specifically Abby’s older sister, Megan.  Nev starts a love affair via Facebook, texts and phone calls.  This whole “affair” was filmed by Nev’s brother and friend, who are avid documentary film-makers, so that they could document Nev’s story unfolding with Megan.  After a while he started to find inconsistencies in Megan’s story – such things like taking credit for songs from other people she claims to have performed herself.  After that the three guys decide to head to Michigan to see Megan and get the truth. I have not seen the movie but...

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