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The Weekend Download – Wine, Food & Manis

Lately, I have been thinking of ways to keep my life busy beyond just work, which seems to have taken over again.  This past winter Boston took its toll with the weather and I think a lot of us got used to not really doing much outside of the workplace, or perhaps that was just me.  A way for me to kickstart my fun was to think about some things that are blog worthy and perhaps a way to share cool places, restaurants and goings on in the city.  A little bit of Life, a lot of food and...

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Kingsman – The Secret Service

There are movies that I go to see knowing exactly what to expect and then are movies, which completely surprise me and are far more entertaining than any expectation I may have had of them.  Kingsman is one such movie.  Once you get the over most ridiculous, gratuitous violence (not always easy), you see it for what it is… a super smart, fun, fast paced, action packed roller-coaster of a spoof spy movie.   The Kingsman are modern day Knights of the Round Table.  A secret international organization, without rules or government who basically save the world from very bad...

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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

  So, I finally went to see Gone Girl last night and oh my goodness it is messed up, twisted good.  With some very minor interpretations and not too much in-depth charactertization of one or two of the key players, the movie is a masterful version of the outstanding best seller book.  Rosamund Pike is outstandingly disturbing in her portrayal of the main character, Amy Dunne.  Ben Affleck could not have been cast better as the slightly weak and pathetic husband, Nick, however, one of my favorite characters is Desi played by Neil Patrick Harris.  This movie is grossly fantastic and a MUST...

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Thor: The Dark World… now on DVD

A much needed night in had me very excited about bringing out my geeky side with watching Thor: The Dark World.  I had ordered it the second I left the movie theater and it arrived last week.  I did forget how utterly fantastic this movie is so thought I would reshare my review from last year. I am a very proud fan of the Marvel Comic movies.   I have absolutely no shame in stating how much I love going to see the movies, buying them once they are released and then watching them over and over again.  Working out...

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Hysteria – A Sweet and Very Cheeky Movie

I first watched Hysteria late last year and was so enamoured by this sweet lovely movie, I actually bought it.  This past Saturday I watched it again with my friend Kathleen and again have to say this is an absolutely adorable movie. She agreed. Do you know when you see an absolutely awful box office movies, case in point, Identity Thief.  I liked the actors, especially Jason Bateman but the movie was just horrible, really awful and not worthy of your $15 ticket.  Then there are these darling movies that dont even get to the theaters!  What is that all about?  There...

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