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Cocktails at the Igloo Bar at Lookout, The Envoy Hotel, Boston

Over the last few years The Envoy Hotel in Boston has been featured numerous times on my blog.  It goes without saying I am fan.  They know how to look after their customers, whether it is a cocktail on their fun rooftop, the Lookout or dining in the restaurant and private room of the Outlook. They have a seasonally changing menu and are not afraid to creatively push the boundaries of their patrons palates.  I have even featured their dessert, which is not something I often do as I am more of a wine for dessert person than actual dessert. ...

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A Chef’s Table Tasting at the Westin, Copley Place, Boston

I have the privilege of being able to dine out quite a bit for work.  I get to go to places I wouldn’t generally go to and indulge in something more than the everyday dining experience.  So, it goes without saying that on occasion my day job and my passionate blogger’s world can collide in a very fortuitous way.  After an invite from the folks at the Westin to enjoy a Chef’s Tasting in their kitchens at Copley Place I felt compelled to write a post about this incredible experience. Before heading down to the kitchen, we first got...

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Dining in South Beach, Miami

For my big birthday weekend I had the idea to revisit a place I used to go to in my younger years, South Beach, Miami.  I knew I didn’t want to replicate the past, that would be silly, but rather to create some new memories.  I have to say I initially thought I had made the biggest mistake ever!  10 women in their 40s and one turning 50 (me) during a Hip Hop weekend in South Beach as opposed to my first idea of a relaxing spa weekend certainly made for memories none of us will ever forget.  Our...

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A Weekend in San Diego, CA

This past Labor Day weekend, I took a very short but super fun trip to San Diego.  This gorgeous temperate part of California relaxed my soul and fueled my heart that the world still has polite and kind people and apparently they all live in San Diego.  There is just such a laid back, warm way about San Diego folks.  The weather itself was an absolutely perfect walking around 72-75 degrees of warm weather with a light breeze.  Accommodation We stayed at The US Grant Hotel close to the Gaslamp Quarter.  This old and beautiful hotel looked after us...

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A Tourist in Seattle

Being the self-named “Queen of the Long Weekend” I continued my exploration of US cities I have not yet traveled to with a trip to Seattle.  Each year my friend, Stacey and I think of a place to go in the US and plan a tourist and usually food filled, wine soaked weekend of fun.  Just a few of the cities we have traveled to together are Los Angeles, Toronto and Savannah.  Next year we are thinking Nashville.  Seattle completely lived up to everything I have seen or read about it with raining every single day and being on...

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