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Porter Family Vineyards and their Sandpiper Rosé 2016

My friend Erika wanted to celebrate her special birthday in Wine Country so asked me to organize a trip for us to Napa Valley.   Two amazing asks in one request!   Firstly, I get to join my friend in one of my favorite places in the world and two, I get to plan!  I do love to plan things.  We stayed at my favorite hotel, the stunning Hotel Yountville right the heart of the little town of Yountville itself.  I put together five days of wine tasting, exquisite dining and a relaxing spa day.  One of the tours I asked...

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A Tourist in Seattle

Being the self-named “Queen of the Long Weekend” I continued my exploration of US cities I have not yet traveled to with a trip to Seattle.  Each year my friend, Stacey and I think of a place to go in the US and plan a tourist and usually food filled, wine soaked weekend of fun.  Just a few of the cities we have traveled to together are Los Angeles, Toronto and Savannah.  Next year we are thinking Nashville.  Seattle completely lived up to everything I have seen or read about it with raining every single day and being on...

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A Thursday Thought and Zucchini and Feta Tart

I think it takes a special kind of person who can work from home every single day.  I work with people who beg to work from home and for the life of me I can’t understand why.  I get the fact that I can do a lot of work uninterrupted, which is really helpful to me when I am in review writing season but every day; all day is just not for me at all.  I would eventually become a non-showering, overly caffeinated, sweat pants wearing social pariah.  A person seriously needs an absolute discipline in organizing your work day,...

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Strawberry Banana Bread

I have a bad habit of buying lots of fruit in effort to try and be healthy.  I think to myself I am going to have a kale and fruit smoothie every day for breakfast and by the end of the week my life will be turned around and I will be the most righteous and healthiest person on the planet.  The reality of this are bananas about to turn, strawberries becoming a little furry and apples barely hanging in there, which then simply need to be thrown away.  I have managed to save my bananas many times by making banana bread...

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