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Cocktails & Apps at La Casa De Pedro, Seaport, Boston

What’s better than Rosé on a warm Saturday afternoon?  Well, I can tell you…  Margaritas!  Yes, this glorious Tequila based cocktail was delivered to me in the form of the ultimate Classic Margarita on the rocks with salt and it was delicious!   My friend, Erika and I were embarking on a day of cocktails, small plates and shopping.  We started our late afternoon adventure at La Casa De Pedro in the Seaport area of Boston. La Casa De Pedro opened its second location in Seaport last year.  Its Watertown restaurant has long been a loved mainstay of the MA...

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Hello, My Name is Doris   

Every now and then a movie comes along that I cannot help but encourage every single one of my friends to watch just so that we can talk about it.  Hello, My Name is Doris one such movie! This indie movie actually came out last year but I never got the chance to go and see it.  With nothing to watch one night this past week and desperate for a respite from working in the evening once again, I found this darling little move on Amazon Prime.  The wonderful Sally Field is delightful as Doris a quirky, shy and...

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Jana Sauvignon Blanc 2015, Napa valley – Silenus Winery

A few years ago I became a club member of Silenus Winery in Napa Valley.  Silenus is a small winery which produces its own label of wines.  I always get excited with this delivery as you never know what are you going to get and I am always happily surprised with the selection.  The reason being is while I love my Silenus label wines, what I really liked about this winery is that in addition to their own wines they also offer their equipment to gifted winemakers to create wines under their own label.  One of these labels is...

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