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A Class on How to Taste and a Write a Wine Review:  Nickel & Nickel Truchard Vineyards Chardonnay 2015, Napa Valley

There are many things in life I am thankful for.  One of them is my job, the freedom it gives me to truly develop as a professional person, but more than that it allows me and indeed my colleagues to explore strengths and passions beyond the day-to-day of our work life. One of my great passions as you know is wine.  Over the years I have done many wine tasting classes and workshops for my office and while I would never say I am an expert, I am hopeful that my wine enthusiasm comes across in my presentations.  ...

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Hill Family Estate “Like a Hawk” Red Wine 2014, Napa Valley

Back in 2014, when I was on one of my annual trips to Napa Valley and stayed in the wonderful little town of Yountville.  I was introduced to the Hill Family Estate Tasting Room and immediately upon enjoying many of their wines I became a member. Just recently, I have been on a bit of a Hill Family wine drinking kick so what a treat it was to get the “Like a Hawk” Red Wine as part of my wine club shipment.  I know I probably should have waited a bit longer to drink this 2014 wine, which honors the 5th generation of Hill Family...

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Blue Apron Wines

About this time last year I was introduced to Blue Apron, which I have to say I am a big fan of.  I love the perfectly portioned ingredients so there is no waste and also the fact that while I consider myself a decent cook it has really pushed me into being great cook.  At least I think so.  For the past 4-5 months, I have been doing Blue Apron wines and I have to say I am quite impressed.  Each month brings a delivery of six half (500ml) bottles of wine and so far I have not been...

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City Tap House, Fort Point Channel, South Boston

A new restaurant choice for the Fort Point Channel area of south Boston is City Tap House, which brings back to life the familiar Southie sports bar showcasing a huge bar area surrounded by TV screens.  What you don’t know (unless you have been listening to the foodie grapevine) is how this place can surprise you with its appealing and honestly quite brilliant gastro pub menu.  I say brilliant because if you are like me you want really good food with a sports game you are pretending to be interested in!  To say I was surprised on my first...

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Am I British or American?

I was recently at home in the UK for a month. I call it home as this is the country I was born and grew up in, but these days it doesn’t feel like home at all. I just feel like an awkward visitor trying to fit in where I don’t belong any more. It’s so weird and surprisingly it’s the little things that make me feel different. My accent My accent is seriously messed up. American’s think I am truly British and British people think I am an American with a really odd accent. I go up at...

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