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Ideology Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, Napa Valley

When I am single on Valentine’s Day I choose to ignore it or at least that is what I tell myself.  I don’t feel down or dwell on the fact that the Boston dating scene for a woman of a certain age is seriously poop because what’s the point?  Instead, I go about my usual business of working, ignoring the fact that I have a gym membership and perhaps drinking wine in the evening.  Okay, I work and then drink wine and the gym membership doesn’t even get a thought. This past Valentine’s Day I decided to have a...

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Pabu Izakaya, Boston

My radar for new restaurant openings has been a little off lately, which is probably not the best admission for a local food blogger.  The end of the year was crazy busy and the beginning of the year not the best, but now I am back on the Boston scene and ready to delve right back into what I love best, which is eating and writing about food and wine within our continually flourishing Boston culinary scene.  Last week on a bitterly cold Monday I suggested to my friend, Karen we try Pabu Izakaya in the new Millennium Tower...

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Am I British or American?

I was recently at home in the UK for a month. I call it home as this is the country I was born and grew up in, but these days it doesn’t feel like home at all. I just feel like an awkward visitor trying to fit in where I don’t belong any more. It’s so weird and surprisingly it’s the little things that make me feel different. My accent My accent is seriously messed up. American’s think I am truly British and British people think I am an American with a really odd accent. I go up at...

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L.K. Bennett Manila Suede Block Heel

‘A woman with good shoes is never ugly.’ – Coco Chanel I was recently in the UK for a month for family reasons.  My days were filled with being at the hospital all morning, working on Boston time all afternoon, trying to sort out family matters and sleeping in an Airbnb every night.  It was weirdly exhausting and there seemed to be little time to do anything else except grab a bite to eat in-between everything we had to do.  It was a rough January.  One morning I decided to switch up my day and take the morning off, go...

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