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Buttermilk & Bourbon, Back Bay, Boston

I had been hearing a little buzz about a relatively new restaurant on Commonwealth Ave called Buttermilk & Bourbon.  It was time to try it out. On Saturday evening, my Uber dropped me off at the historic Back Bay Vendome building.  I was transported back to the late 90s when I first moved to Boston and would frequent a basement level restaurant and bar, which for the life of me I can’t remember the name of – help if you know?  They used to show old movies in their backroom on Monday nights where I would take myself to...

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Dutch Oven Turkey Chili

I have been making chili since I was big enough to reach a cooker.  It’s a dish that is best shared with friends where they can help themselves to bowl (after bowl if desired) of meaty, deliciously spicy, tomato goodness.  The hearty warmth brings a smile to everyone’s face.  I stopped eating beef in my early teens because of “Mad Cow’s Disease.”  A horrible disease that scared the bejesus out of British people back in the 1980s.  I really don’t have any yearnings for it at all, which I know to some is a crying shame and I must say as a person...

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Cocktails at the Igloo Bar at Lookout, The Envoy Hotel, Boston

Over the last few years The Envoy Hotel in Boston has been featured numerous times on my blog.  It goes without saying I am fan.  They know how to look after their customers, whether it is a cocktail on their fun rooftop, the Lookout or dining in the restaurant and private room of the Outlook. They have a seasonally changing menu and are not afraid to creatively push the boundaries of their patrons palates.  I have even featured their dessert, which is not something I often do as I am more of a wine for dessert person than actual dessert. ...

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Brunching at Les Sablons, Harvard Square, Cambridge

Part of the Island Creek restaurant group, Les Sablons located in Harvard Square welcomes its diners into the historic Conductor’s Building.  The 17 feet wide restaurant has space on two floors both designed with purpose.  The first floor, The Wine Bar has a more casual and fun feel and offers two menus, its wine bar and the full dinner menu.  I had to look at both to decide if it’s worth going back to try out their evening menus… it seems I must return!  The upstairs, which is where we were escorted to last Sunday is open, simple, modern...

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