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Grease – 40 years old and still a great movie

It may seem odd I am writing a review of movie, which was made 40 years ago!!!  Seriously, Grease was made in 1978.  Most of my co-workers and quite a few of my good friends were not even born.  So, why am I reliving this iconic movie musical.  Well, it’s simple. Today, the movie still stands the test of time.  On Friday night, I stayed in made dinner, opened a bottle of fabulous wine, Locations E Spanish Red Wine (thank you Lauren) and perused the movie channels for something easy to shut my mind down to.  I kept seeing...

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A Weekend in San Diego, CA

This past Labor Day weekend, I took a very short but super fun trip to San Diego.  This gorgeous temperate part of California relaxed my soul and fueled my heart that the world still has polite and kind people and apparently they all live in San Diego.  There is just such a laid back, warm way about San Diego folks.  The weather itself was an absolutely perfect walking around 72-75 degrees of warm weather with a light breeze.  Accommodation We stayed at The US Grant Hotel close to the Gaslamp Quarter.  This old and beautiful hotel looked after us...

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