Author: Tracey

Greek Feast for a Sunday Evening

I offered to make dinner for a colleague (new friend) who is currently working in Boston (she lives in Dubai).  Her friend also joined us before she flew back to the UK after a week’s vacation to our lovely city. Now, I could have gone with Shepherd’s Pie or something equally British but I decided to go a different route and put on a little Greek feast.  Here is my fun and very simple dinner menu for five girlies – 2 American and 3 Brits!! Oh, and as my friend Laurie is a “vegetarian” at the moment and apparently ruining...

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Can Anyone be America’s Next Top Model?

I haven’t watched this show in years. It’s actually quite good and I know Tyra gets a bad rep, but I like her – she is a strong woman.  Just recently my TV happened to be on this particular channel, and I was about to change channels when I got totally sucked in.  I stood, not seated, stood in front on the TV, remote in hand and just watched it.  I was planning to turn it over but instead I watched the whole show stood up with my remote on stand-by.  Here’s the thing… the girls, and they are girls...

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