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Welcome Guest Blogger – Jaimee

  Jaimee and I met back in 2003 when she started to work for the same company as myself.  We became friends very quickly and then sadly J moved to San Francisco – and who wouldn’t!!!  I mean its right next to Napa Valley and Sonoma – what else is there?  Of course, I did have to make a few trips to see my good friend.  It, of course, always involved a trip to either Sonoma or Napa or both! Anyway, J is now back on Boston soil and is to be my very first “guest blogger” – how exciting. Over...

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The Social Network

Of course I had to go and see this movie.  I mean this man, Mark Zuckerberg, went from Harvard undergrad without two pennies to rub together and is now worth 25 billion dollars!!!!  The youngest billionaire in the world.  And, I am of course a Facebooker myself. I am not sure how much of the movie is true to actual events but it was entertaining and you do really get into the characters.  In fact, I believe it is only loosely based on the book “The Accidental Billionaires” by Ben Mezrich. My book club read it a while ago to very mixed reviews, even though it is a fascinating read.   I did dislike Mark Zuckerberg from the beginning of the movie right through to the end.  I thought he was an obnoxious, self-centered, socially inept ass.  Is he in real life – I actually can imagine he is?   The actor, Jesse Eisenberg, who plays him is quite brilliant.  Sean Parker, of Napster fame, played by Justin Timberlake, portrayed a paranoid genius who may have the claim of taking Mark’s creation to world-wide phenomena.  Is that true? Most of the film takes place by showing flashbacks from two separate lawsuits.  One from the Winklevoss twins who were suing Mark for stealing their idea, and the other from his partner and CFO, Eduardo Saverin, who you cant help but feel sorry for throughout the movie, as he seemed to have been...

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Catfish Keep the Cod Agile

I watched 20/20 last night about the new controversial docu-movie “Catfish.”  This movie was a major hit at Sundance and is highly talked about right now.  I was actually about to go to bed when I did my usual of remote in hand channel hopping and got totally sucked in – it was so unbelievably fascinating.  The life of a woman who made up a whole persona on Facebook and MySpace.  The persona she made up started with her posting her paintings on her website as an 8-year old girl called Abby. The movie follows a photographer called Nev who lives in NY.  One of his pictures was painted and published by the “8-year old Abby.”  After his photograph was published he started to communicate with her via Facebook and sending more of his photographs to Michigan for Abby to paint.  He then starts communicating with Abby’s family, most specifically Abby’s older sister, Megan.  Nev starts a love affair via Facebook, texts and phone calls.  This whole “affair” was filmed by Nev’s brother and friend, who are avid documentary film-makers, so that they could document Nev’s story unfolding with Megan.  After a while he started to find inconsistencies in Megan’s story – such things like taking credit for songs from other people she claims to have performed herself.  After that the three guys decide to head to Michigan to see Megan and get the truth. I have not seen the movie but...

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Greek Feast for a Sunday Evening

I offered to make dinner for a colleague (new friend) who is currently working in Boston (she lives in Dubai).  Her friend also joined us before she flew back to the UK after a week’s vacation to our lovely city. Now, I could have gone with Shepherd’s Pie or something equally British but I decided to go a different route and put on a little Greek feast.  Here is my fun and very simple dinner menu for five girlies – 2 American and 3 Brits!! Oh, and as my friend Laurie is a “vegetarian” at the moment and apparently ruining...

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Can Anyone be America’s Next Top Model?

I haven’t watched this show in years. It’s actually quite good and I know Tyra gets a bad rep, but I like her – she is a strong woman.  Just recently my TV happened to be on this particular channel, and I was about to change channels when I got totally sucked in.  I stood, not seated, stood in front on the TV, remote in hand and just watched it.  I was planning to turn it over but instead I watched the whole show stood up with my remote on stand-by.  Here’s the thing… the girls, and they are girls...

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