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MysteryMeet #7 = “Hell Night” at East Coast Grill, Inman Square

Last night was my first foray into the new world of “MysteryMeet” – a get together of foodies and bloggers from Boston and the surroundings areas who all meet up to sample what food delights Boston/Cambridge has to offer.  Last night’s dinner was at East Coast Grill & Raw Bar and we were sampling their famous “Hell Night” menu.  The evening was a lot of fun and the only thing “Hell” about it was the food.  In fact, believe it or not, you have to sign a waiver, before you eat any food!!!!  That should give you an indication of the “Hell” I was in.  For me, getting over to Inman Square without a car is a pain in the butt.  Because no-one was meeting until 8pm and I didn’t want to get a bus to the T and then 15 minutes walk to the restaurant, I decided to get a cab.  $30 later I was at East Coast Grill… and, $30 at 10.30pm I was back home.  Oh well.  It was worth it. You may find this a little strange but I get quite nervous when I meet new people.  It is just the build up to it and wondering whether people will like me – I think?  I go into these situations with a little trepidation, however, as soon as I meet people I usually okay.   Anyway, I walked into the restaurant and was greeted by the amazingly...

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Closet Downfall

As you know, in an effort to avoid every single thing in my closet that I think makes me feel pudgy these days, I have been wearing leggins – not for work of course.  Leggins are fantastic, especially with big cardigans and sweaters that so elegantly cover the undesirable areas that should never ever been seen in public.  In fact, even while at home on my own I don’t show these areas for fear of walking past a mirror and catching a glimpse of said undesirable areas.  That all said, I am making an effort to get back on track, working...

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The King’s Speech

What an absolutely delightful movie.  Colin Firth is truly at his best in playing King George VI.  And I have to say they should throw every award in the book at him for portraying such an amazing character so well.   To be honest, as a Brit, I sometimes learn more from movies than I ever did in my history class – maybe it was just the awful teacher I had.  I never knew King George had a stammer and how serious it was. The cast of this movie was marvelous.  Helena Bonham Carter played his wife, Elizabeth (affectionately known in my years as the Queen Mum), whose strong passion for her husband pushed him to be the best he could be, and Geoffrey Rush played his speech therapist, Lionel Logue, who was quite wonderful as an Australian self-taught speech therapist and failed actor.  The relationship between King George “Bertie” and Lionel is funny and sweet and sometimes very heartfelt and emotional and the two actors are completely in sync with each other in playing their respective roles. The movie itself focuses on the relationship between “Bertie” and Lionel and the build up to King George’s historic address to his nation when England went to war in 1939 with Germany. You actually hold your breath when he is doing any of his speeches for fear he stutters, stammers and then completely clams up – it is...

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Les Zygomates, South Street, Boston

“Whether your plans call for an intimate evening for a two or an uninhibited celebration for many, Les Zygomates selection of fine wines and exceptional Bistro cuisine await you.”  Les Zygomates is an old favorite of mine that I had temporarily forgotten about until last night.  Wondering what to do we decided on wanting great wine and a bite to eat.  Les Zyg was suggested by a new colleague, and I am sure going to become a friend.   I have spent many a fun night with friends, bad date (two bad dates), one good date with a guy we actually nicknamed “hot Brian”, yes, he was hot. It lasted three dates.  Ahh memories :). Les Zygomates is on South Street close to the Financial District, in an area called the Leather District.  The restaurant has two sides to it.  As you walk in, you are greeted immediately by a friendly host.  There is a bar and lots of high top seating, if you want to just sit around and have a glass of wine or one of their fabulous cocktails and enjoy the great raw bar.  As you walk around the restaurant, there is dining seating for those who want a quieter dinner (a private dining area), and as you walk around to the other side of the restaurant, you have another bar with a stage sort of on top of the bar towards the end, where they...

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In My Shoes, No wait, In My Awesome New Shoes

So, recently without even noticing I have turned into a legging wearing person.  I wear them all the time when I am not working.  I wear them at home, going shopping, meeting friends for wine, on casual Friday’s… wait that is working – yikes.  I literally wear leggings all the time!!!!  Of course, I have done this before when I have felt a little weighty around the mid region.  I am avoiding jeans like the plague.  I have a deep seated fear of putting them on and falling into a black hole so deep I can never ever get out it because of the muffin...

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