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And Then There Were Six

After more cancellations from folks coming over for dinner, we ended up with just six people and enough food to feed about 30!  The evening was so much fun and I think everyone had a wonderful time.  The 2010 Blizzard did not affect anyone’s good spirits.  At least not any of the people who came over for dinner.   I have to say the food was fabulous, except for the Toad on the Hole.  I feel it was a whole timing issue as I wasn’t going to make it due to so many people cancelling, and then a fellow Brit, my friend Andy,...

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Chicken Soup for the Soul and Cold

I need to talk about something embarrassing.  Yes, you guessed it; I want to talk about the “breathe right” nasal strip.  What, you guessed something else?  I am not exactly sure what could be more embarrassing than a “breath right” strip?  I haven’t been feeling well.  A little stuffy and sniffly, achy, sore throat and just generally poop.  Its okay, tis the season and all that.  Last night was my office holiday party and so many things went wrong it was ridiculous.  Before I talk about the “breathe right” strip let me quickly tell you what happened.  I was planning the holiday party (yes another one of my jobs!), I needed to be there early.  Not feeling too great, I was on a go slow day.  I took myself for a mani/pedi and then came back for a shower… no hot water – in fact the hot water tank is completely kaput and a new one is needed.  I panicked and called many friends all of whom were not home.  I then called the Hotel and the manager very kindly offered me a room to get ready.  I taxied over to the hotel, did a walk around, checked on things, showered, started to get ready and realized I had no underwear and no shoes!  I called my friend who has a key to my apartment and she wasn’t going to be able to make it...

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Welcome Guest Blogger… Monique

I met Monique (well cyber met) through my last blog.  “MoDiva” found me and followed me on my painful quest to find a husband, which as we all know was unsuccessful, sometimes amusing (I think), and inevitably doomed through my lack of “go getter” attitude.  On a daily basis Mo would post comments on my blog and on the days she didn’t, myself and a number of my close friends would get very nervous – usually because we all looked forward to her comments. The whole time I had no idea Mo had the most amazing blog that I am now glued to on a daily basis to see what fantastic dish she is going create, make and serve up.  I am really excited she is doing me the honor of being my next “Guest Blogger”.  Please go “Food Snob:  More than just a picky eater” to view Monique’s fabulous Blog. Welcome Guest Blogger:  Mo My name is Mo and I have been a food blogger for going on 3 years and its become second nature to whip out my camera for anything remotely food related. I have always had a passion for cooking but as of late I have been dabbling in the baking department. I was always intimidated by baking and after a few aggressive pep talks with other foodie friends I decided that I will never be successful...

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Dining Fun in NYC and Brad Pitt

So, in thinking about sharing my weekend, I was wondering how best I might do this and after going back and forth with the details of every single thing, I thought that fast track, top line, and fewer details might suffice. I am also going to try to do this so you can read it in 60 seconds or less – I really really don’t think it’s possible but let’s try!  I actually think it is totally impossible!  Okay, here goes… Arrived in New York for two things, one that I needed to be there on Monday for reviews, but more...

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Call me Indulgent

  The other day I was “The Procrastinator”, today I am “The Indulger.”  Well, if the truth be known, I am an indulger on many days.  Usually when it comes to shopping, eating, sleeping and drinking wine, which pretty much covers most of the things I enjoy doing, and I do them all very well indeed!  I sometimes struggle with sleep indulgence but I do dream about it, a lot :).  I am already “evening dreaming” about it for tonight! So, what am I indulging in now you ask?  I might as well just tell you and share my guilt – a guilt shared...

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