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Vinegar Braised Chicken with Leeks & Peas

Whenever I am entertaining dinner guests whether it be one or 10 people, I spend time, sometimes weeks pouring over my recipe books, magazines and the web.  My goal is always to please my friends with good food but also to be able to be part of joining them at the table when dinner is served.  I think this is why I prepare dinners that serve family style rather than individually served dishes.  Food & Wine is the only actual magazine I still subscribe to and I love it for the recipes it provides, which are never overcomplicated with...

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Kalamati Olive Bread at Porto, Back Bay

Ever since my first dining experience at Porto I have been going back to enjoy their cuisine on a regular basis.  The one menu item I pick every single time without even thinking about is the Kalamati Olive Bread.  Well, every time except that one single time they changed the bread, which was nice enough but didn’t come close to the fabulousness of this one. I loved this twist (literally) of bread, which resembles a pretzel.  This tasty just out of the oven Kalamati olive bread is paired with a superior quality olive oil.  Sprinkle a little salt in the olive...

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Women over 40

I am a women over 40.  In fact, I am so far over 40 now there is not much of it left. Yep, friends of Tracey, I said it out loud.  My old blog called 40-SomethingLife would soon have to end its story.  A friend recently sent me an email on the wonderful things the iconic Andy Rooney said about women over 40.  Well, apparently Andy Rooney didn’t say them at all and it was an internet hoax, which saddens me a little as you would want this man of our history to have talked in such wonderful light...

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Frenchie, South End, Boston

A collaboration of restaurateur Loic Le Garrec of Petite Robert Bistro and Sandrine Rossi of Joséphine in Kenmore Square created the newest addition to the South End dining scene called Frenchie.    I ventured over to Frenchie’s last Thursday after work to meet an old friend.  The space replaces Kitchen and previous to that Pops, both restaurants I actually quite enjoyed but for some reason failed to survive longer than a few years.  It’s now Frenchie’s turn to see what they can do.  There is not much change to the layout of the space given how small it is. ...

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Salmon Burger at Oak + Rowan, Fort Point Channel, Boston

Last weekend was the Boston Wine Expo.  In previous year’s I was a wine ambassador for this super wine event but this year I was a guest of a friend and fellow Boston blogger Rob of BosGuy.  This took me completely off the hook to be on point for taking photos, asking lots of question, tweeting, instagraming and ultimately writing about the event.  So, I relaxed and tasted wine to my heart’s content.  By 2pm I had to leave and get some proper food.  Rob suggested Oak + Rowan in Fort Point Channel, which is a restaurant I have wanted...

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