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Porter Family Vineyards and their Sandpiper Rosé 2016

My friend Erika wanted to celebrate her special birthday in Wine Country so asked me to organize a trip for us to Napa Valley.   Two amazing asks in one request!   Firstly, I get to join my friend in one of my favorite places in the world and two, I get to plan!  I do love to plan things.  We stayed at my favorite hotel, the stunning Hotel Yountville right the heart of the little town of Yountville itself.  I put together five days of wine tasting, exquisite dining and a relaxing spa day.  One of the tours I asked...

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Wine Tasting:  French vs. Argentinian Malbec

Each year I offer a wine tasting at my home as part of my company’s annual charity.  I absolutely love hosting, love talking about wine but more importantly I love that so many people seem to want to join me in my wine enthusiasm away from the office.  I always wait until springtime to do this so people are not trudging through the miserable weather of a Boston winter and this past Saturday was the perfect evening.  About 15 colleagues and significant others joined me in a French vs. Argentinian Malbec tasting where we learned that an Hungarian Farmer...

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A Class on How to Taste and a Write a Wine Review:  Nickel & Nickel Truchard Vineyards Chardonnay 2015, Napa Valley

There are many things in life I am thankful for.  One of them is my job, the freedom it gives me to truly develop as a professional person, but more than that it allows me and indeed my colleagues to explore strengths and passions beyond the day-to-day of our work life. One of my great passions as you know is wine.  Over the years I have done many wine tasting classes and workshops for my office and while I would never say I am an expert, I am hopeful that my wine enthusiasm comes across in my presentations.  ...

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Welcome Guest Blogger: Sergio

I was absolutely thrilled when Sergio agreed to be my next guest blogger.  I have known Sergio for more than 10 years and in that time we have dined at each other’s homes, at fabulous restaurants and celebrated many fun occasions together…  all over food.  I soon discovered Sergio was a great chef and now that I have my little fun blog, I could not think of a better way than to have Sergio show you how good he is himself. Sergio decided to make two dishes of gnocchi, one with a vodka sauce and another one with a...

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Hill Family Estate “Like a Hawk” Red Wine 2014, Napa Valley

Back in 2014, when I was on one of my annual trips to Napa Valley and stayed in the wonderful little town of Yountville.  I was introduced to the Hill Family Estate Tasting Room and immediately upon enjoying many of their wines I became a member. Just recently, I have been on a bit of a Hill Family wine drinking kick so what a treat it was to get the “Like a Hawk” Red Wine as part of my wine club shipment.  I know I probably should have waited a bit longer to drink this 2014 wine, which honors the 5th generation of Hill Family...

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