It may seem odd I am writing a review of movie, which was made 40 years ago!!!  Seriously, Grease was made in 1978.  Most of my co-workers and quite a few of my good friends were not even born.  So, why am I reliving this iconic movie musical.  Well, it’s simple. Today, the movie still stands the test of time. 

On Friday night, I stayed in made dinner, opened a bottle of fabulous wine, Locations E Spanish Red Wine (thank you Lauren) and perused the movie channels for something easy to shut my mind down to.  I kept seeing Grease, which is on Startz right now.  I skipped right over it and after about 15 more minutes of paging down I thought why not.  I haven’t seen Grease in about 20 years. 

When the movie first came out I was not allowed to see it.  My parents thought I was too young, which now that I have watched it with adult eyes and more importantly adult ears, the innocence of this love story is filled with songs of, let’s say a racy nature.  Do you know the words to Greased Lightening?  Quite dirty 😊.   It’s funny to watch it today and realize that every cast member had to be at least 10-20 years older than the 16-18-year-olds they were portraying.

While the movie now feels a little awkward to watch with its overacting swagger and some stilted scenes, once it started I was sucked in from the second Sandy (Olivia Newton John) and Danny (John Travolta) sang Summer Nights.  This was John Travolta’s heyday and the man can dance and sing!  Yes, this 1950s love story of the typical meet-cute of high school boy meets girl, boy does girl wrong, girl has payback and ultimately, they realize true love means they belong together no matter their differences has been done a million times.  However, with a super cast playing the side-kicks to the story – the Pink Ladies and Thunderbirds and the cool cars, malt shops and great music, Grease is positively watchable even 40 years later.

One of my favorite songs of the movie is when Rizzo (the amazing Stockard Channing) who plays a no-nonsense tough Pink Lady sings There are Worse Things I could Do

Completely ignore the fact that smoking was cool back then (it is not cool) and if you are feeling a little nostalgic no matter your age, Grease is still a fun move to watch and sing along to.  And, I surprised my self with still knowing every word to every song!!