The question that inspired Locations Wines: “What if one could blend across all of the major appellations, to produce a wine that represented a country of origin? What if one could do this across all of the major wine producing regions of the world. What if there were no rules? What if one had complete freedom to express whatever one believed. Could it be done?”

Throw the rules away and see what you get.  Turning “skeptics into believers” Dave Phinney created Locations by sourcing the best grapes from renowned vineyards and turning them into extraordinary wines, which represent the country of origin.    

For Christmas my friend Lauren bought me 2 bottles from this wonderful collection.  A bottle of I for Italian Red Wine, which I will write about later and E for Spain (Espania). 

E Spanish Red Wine by Locations

Grapes sourced from five Spanish wine making regions make up this wonderful bottle of red wine.  Being a fan of wines from Rioja and Temperanillo I was excited to try this wine.  The wine pours with the rich color of dark rubies.  Aromas of creamy chocolates hits the nose first with hints of sweet pipe tobacco and black cherries.  The first sip is spicy on the tip of the tongue followed by a mild sweetness of dark fruits of plums and ready turn black cherries.  The wine lingers for a tantalizing sweet moment before beckoning that much wanted second sip.  A delightful and a spectacularly easy to drink fun vino especially on a Wednesday.  Don’t ask me why…  it just works. 

If you like smooth reds with a bit of spice, you will love this wine.  At a price point of $17, this Spanish red will not break the bank and will absolutely impress your friends with its easy pleasing taste.

My rating: