‘One shoe can change your life.’ – Cinderella

An innocent browse through the shoe sales at Saks resulted in Shoesday Tuesday welcoming the iconic Chanel name to the shoe closet.  My Saks card is like a frenemy.  I love and of course it loves me back, but sometimes it does feel like it goes behind my back right in front of me.  It’s like every time I get it down to a zero balance it just befriends me again and forces me to buy something.  Before I even realizing its happening, I am handing over that little black card, which simply states Saks First to the sales representative. 

Okay, excuses over.  Please meet my new little friends. 

Almost to gorgeous to take out of the box but not quite

These stunning, classic black, block heeled pumps are made of the softest black calfskin and my foot just slips into them like Cinderella.  They fit perfectly but sadly there was no prince to slip them onto my feet.  Nevertheless, Chanel is so much better :).

Right before the first wear

I wore them the other day to work followed by an evening dinner and my feet felt swathed in luxury for the whole time.   

Classy and simple

I love the gold trim of the heels and the little double C on the outside of the shoe. 

Just a tease of who is behind these gorgeous new shoes

They are beautifully and simply understated and absolutely flawless.