Peju is a winemaker I gravitate towards when I want to do a Cabernet Sauvignon that is a little on the higher-end without breaking the bank.  I rarely think about this winery for their whites but my mind may have recently been changed by the gift of Peju Sauvignon Blanc from two of my work friends. 

Peju Sauvignon Blanc 2015

The gift was given to me prior to having to head back home to England.  My intention was to wait until I got back to Boston and then enjoy this wine with a friend or two.  Well, a terribly guilty admission here on LifeFoodWine is that I drank the whole bottle.  Yep, the entire full bottle on my own.  I was making a Blue Apron dish of Marinated Chicken Thighs with Jalapeno Rice and thought a Sauvignon Blanc would pair great with it.  Well, a bottle of great wine, one of my favorite recipes to date from Blue Apron and the tear jerker movie, Under the Tuscan Sun was the making of a great Friday night in and a little bit of a painful Saturday morning prior to my flight to the UK. 

Blue Apron – Marinated Chicken Thighs with Jalapeño Rice & summer squash

Upon opening the sweet floral and citrusy aromas waft from the first pour into the glass.  It has a light and tropical taste with zesty citrus fruits of pink lemon and mandarin – it’s just simply clean. Drinking this wine is like that beautiful melody called City of Stars from the movie La La Land which you never want to end.  “A rush, a glance, a time, a dance – this is clearly a fabulously drinkable and amazingly affordable wine for what I believe is a superior Sauvignon Blanc, which much like the melody I didn’t want to end.  

My rating…