I need to start this post with a reprimanding comment to myself of…  “Oh no she didn’t!”  But of course the answer is “Oh yes I did!”

So, how did this happen?  Well, as usual it was my friend’s fault.  To be clear, I am rarely at fault when I buy expensive shoes, there is always someone else to blame.

Lorna 100 Suede Peep Toe Booties

My friend, Erika wanted to buy her first pair of Christian LouboutinsBuying your first pair deserves a day trip involving wine and friends so naturally I made myself available.   

I decided to go into Back Bay a little earlier to take care of a few errands.  Erika was running a little late so I told her I would go to Saks and check out the shoe scene on her behalf.  This really does go to show what an amazing and truly selfless friend I am. 

Loving the desk design at the front of the bootie

I kept walking past a pair of eye catching Jimmy Choo Suede Peep Toe Booties.  Even without picking them up I knew they were a size five.  I strongly and with decisive action walked away to look at the sale shoes of which there was nothing worthy in my size.  Feeling righteously strong and with purpose I walked towards one of the seats in the shoe lounge and waited for Erika while googling Jimmy Choo shoes. 

The suede is so soft you want to to touch them!

Finally, just as I was about to walk back to the Jimmy’s she walked in so we purposefully checked out the Christian Louboutins.  Sadly, the shoes she had been eyeing online were not there, in fact they were an old pair which are now discontinued.  Erika found a stunning pair of stiletto ankle strap Jimmy Choo’s on sale and because she loved them so much also bought a pair in black patent.  Check out how gorgeous they are!

Jimmy Choo – Lucy 100 Floral-Embroidered Lace d’Orsay Pumps

Back to me and my obvious need for a different type of shoe therapy!  While Erika was trying on shoes, I felt I needed to join in and tried on the Jimmy’s. I do feel quite strongly that Erika was encouraging me!  It was over the second I put them on my feet.   The suede is pure luxury on the foot.  The stylish logo discs add a bit of pizzazz to these 4” heels, which you know are just going to look great with a loose fitting summer dress or a pair of old jeans rolled up at the ankle.  They are outstanding but I am still contemplating the keep or return. 

After our shopping afternoon we needed wine so ended back at an old favorite, Porto for more than one glass. 

Check out the Choo World Spotted.

PS:  On going to print of this post the shoes had been worn all day at work!!  Who am I kidding?   Keep!