You all know my penchant for shoes.  I love shoes, they make me happy, never make me feel sad and most of all they do not judge when I have put on a few pounds.  Sadly, of late I have been neglecting sharing this affinity I have with shoes with you.  It is not because I haven’t purchased any new pairs (I have 🙂 ), it really is just because I get so darn busy with my day job and then my inspiration waivers and I just don’t write for a few weeks.  I am hoping the summer months will change all of that and you will be seeing a lot more fun posts from me. 

Here is something you probably don’t know about me unless you are one of my very close friends, I also have an equal obsession for bags and purses in particular, Gucci.  These high-end, high-priced, luxury items finally got to me a number of years ago when I bought a red wristlet wallet, which I use every single day.  With my heart racing and my hand shaking I handed over my credit card at the Gucci store in Saks and the rest was history as my Gucci bag collection grew.  While my heart still races at the insane amount of money these bags and purses cost, the happiness and joy they give me on a daily basis can outweigh the sense of guilt I often get when I treat myself in a way that I am well aware is not normal behavior.  I just love them! 

So what am I doing with the Gucci Diaries?  Well, a colleague at work came to visit my new (big) birthday purchase in my office this past week and suggested I do a photo journal of my travels and bags, an out and about with Gucci sort of thing.  I thought it might be a little bit of fun, which given the news of late including in my own home town of Manchester, we could all do with something fun to read these days.  I could certainly do with writing about something fun.

So here goes…

For my 50th birthday (yes I am owning my age) I bought the breathtakingly beautiful GG Marmont Matelassé shoulder bag. This off-white, chevron quilted bag with its antique gold double G stands out in the crowd with a unique subtlety that surprises and delights those who lay their eyes upon her.  Today she is at work with me sitting at the side of my desk casually holding a pair of Tom Ford aviators.  I keep glancing to the side and smiling.  Doesn’t she look good?

GG Marmont Matelassé shoulder bag

She looked even better going for a lunch time walk by the InterContinental Hotel, Boston.  See that little belly going on there in the photo…  this is why I buy bags and shoes!

Lunch time stroll near my office

Over the next few months I am going to give this new post idea a go with sharing photos of being out and about around Boston and beyond with my Gucci bags and purses. 

The bag looks so much better than the person!!

If you have any thoughts on what else I could do please feel free to share.