Me and Sergio circa 2007

I was absolutely thrilled when Sergio agreed to be my next guest blogger.  I have known Sergio for more than 10 years and in that time we have dined at each other’s homes, at fabulous restaurants and celebrated many fun occasions together…  all over food.  I soon discovered Sergio was a great chef and now that I have my little fun blog, I could not think of a better way than to have Sergio show you how good he is himself.

Sergio decided to make two dishes of gnocchi, one with a vodka sauce and another one with a mushroom sauce.  We also had a tomato and mozzarella salad and parmesan bread with balsamic.  If I did not witness him making this dish myself, I would not believe he actually made it.  I have to say Sergio’s gnocchi was like eating pieces of little clouds.  It was perfectly light and fluffy and absolutely delicious.  Not only did I have three bowls, I also took some home for lunch and dinner for the following few days.

We are doing something a little different this time with the guest blog.  Sergio had the great idea of shooting a video of him making the gnocchi from scratch and talking you through the process.  I was the videographer so please don’t judge too harshly :).   Luckily Sergio put the whole thing together.  I am so excited about how it turned out.  I really hope you enjoy watching!