Back in 2014, when I was on one of my annual trips to Napa Valley and stayed in the wonderful little town of Yountville I was introduced to the Hill Family Estate Tasting Room and immediately upon enjoying many of their wines I became a member.

Just recently, I have been on a bit of a Hill Family wine drinking kick so what a treat it was to get the “Like a Hawk” Red Wine as part of my wine club shipment.  I know I probably should have waited a bit longer to drink this 2014 wine, which honors the 5th generation of Hill Family Farmers but I just felt so enticed to try it. 

Hill Family Estate “Like a Hawk” Red Wine 2014

The red is deeply dense in black blood red color and brings a spicy and rich aroma layered with dark ripe black cherries and plums just about ready to turn to your senses.  Right at my first sip I got a swift taste of intensely dark chocolate rippling smooth and silky on the tongue, which leads you to believe this wine is ultimately sweet, however what follows is a dry finish with just the suggestion of sweetness.  This is a truly exceptional, big red.

At $48 this red wine blend is not an everday wine but absolutely worthy of a cold Tuesday evening in Boston. 

If you are a big red fan and want a treat yourself or impress a date, this wine is a must buy. 

My rating: