‘A woman with good shoes is never ugly.’ – Coco Chanel

I was recently in the UK for a month for family reasons.  My days were filled with being at the hospital all morning, working on Boston time all afternoon, trying to sort out family matters and sleeping in an Airbnb every night.  It was weirdly exhausting and there seemed to be little time to do anything else except grab a bite to eat in-between everything we had to do.  It was a rough January. 

One morning I decided to switch up my day and take the morning off, go shopping and to treat myself to a nice lunch with a glass of wine.   Navigating my way through Manchester, the town I grew up in I found myself at the House of Fraser, a department store, which has been the core of the City Center for decades. 


L.K. Bennett Manila Suede Court Shoe

I was wandering sadly around the store, feeling a little guilty for having me time when I noticed a pair of L.K. Bennett high, gold block heeled suede shoes.  As I gravitated towards them I could tell instantly they were a size five and my spirits lifted just a little bit.  Not only that, they were on sale!  I asked to try on the pair and instantly fell in love.  These are a striking pair of shoes made very special and eye-catching by the gold block heal. 


Love the gold block heel

Given how high they are, the solidness of the heel makes them that bit more comfortable for me to wear all day at the office.  They look awesome with skinny black pants tapered just at the ankle.


Eye catching style

By the way, three hours later I was still in the department store enjoying a delicious slice of Pistachio Cake with a glass of Sauvignon Bianco and letting the guilt fade away just a little bit. 


Simple and classy

Sometimes you just have to buy shoes and cake. 

Here’s a little shoe trivia for you.  When I showed the shoes to my dad, he commented “they are a lovely court shoe.”  I had totally forgotten this is what we call this type of shoe in the UK.  The term Court Shoe is the British English while a Pump is American English.