There has been a lack of blog posting from me over the last few weeks.  I have so many excuses… too busy at work, new bathroom remodel, which is sending me over the edge of stressdom – is that a word, just to name two?  Ultimately, I have been exhausted and for some reason I have not really had the will, drive, enthusiasm to write.  This always makes me feel like I am letting my one or two readers I have down but more importantly, letting myself down.  Wow… I am a downer!!  Well, inspiration relighted with an inspiring snack dish from The Maiden on Broadway in South Boston, a restaurant I have only been to twice and both times just for wine and a cheese plate and always followed with a comment of “I have to go back!”


Ricotta Toast – Carrots 2 ways, tarragon, urfa pepper – $11

Last night I was still at work and not even thinking about leaving any time soon when I got a call from my friend, BosGuy checking in to see if I wanted to perhaps, on the off chance grab a cocktail.  How could I say no?  I immediately shut down my computer and walked out of the office and straight to The Maiden for a glass of much needed super dry Bordeaux.  While Rob (BosGuy) was not eating, I really needed a snack so I asked the bartender about the Ricotta Toast as it sounded different and to be honest I had no idea what Urfa Pepper was so there was a bit of intrigue on my part.  Our wonderful bartender explained it as a Mediterranean, coffee flavored pepper.  Sounds interesting right?  It was fantastic!

Crispy toast thickly laden with creamy ricotta, pickled carrots a hint of tarragon and super mild kick of pepper.  I absolutely loved this twist of cheese on toast snack, which cleverly connected an abundance of textures and flavors.  A dish absolutely worthy of Fab Dish Friday and turned out it was absolutely enough for my Thursday dinner. 

Both Rob and I have made a decision to go back for dinner very soon where we can enjoy more of what the menu has to offer.  Stay tuned!  

Oh and a note to self… get inspired!!