If you go to see a movie expecting nothing at all, then hopefully what you get is something more and I must say I did get a little more than I expected with this ridiculously silly, filled with giggles movie, which continues the antics of the now iconic characters from the 1990s TV show, Absolutely Fabulous.


Bolly anyone?

Our evening started with a reception hosted by Ruth’s Chris featuring Bollinger Champagne – what else, some bites and a bit of swag.  A couple of glasses of champagne, a few photo snaps of us in the ludicrous gold baseball hats, which I secretly love and we were ready to head to AMC Loews on Boston Common. 


Ab Fab swag

I will not share much about the movie but the basic plot is that Edina (Jennifer Saunders) causes a fashion catastrophe involving Kate Moss, leaving her and Patsy (Joanna Lumley) to have no choice but to go on the run to France with some hysterical and absolutely brilliant farcity. 

The original cast and crew are back.  Bubble, (Jane Horrocks), quite possibly the dumbest assistant in the world, at least we are led to believe.  Those of us who have been watching Ab Fab for more than 20 years know better.  There is a subtly funny scene with Bubble reading Nietzsche and giggling to herself.  The wonderful British actress, June Whitfield returns as Edina’s softly sarcastic mother and of course there is Saffy, (Julia Sawahla) who is so good at portraying boring, it is actually painful to watch. 


Enjoying the Bollinger

This wouldn’t be Absolutely Fabulous without a slew of cameos and this movie is filled with them from Kate Moss to Mo Gaffney, Graham Norton, Lulu, Jerry Hall, Rebel Wilson, Dame Edna (Barry Humphries) and John Hamm who has a cringe worthy scene with Patsy where he realizes who she is and is aghast that she is still alive.

Joanna Lumley who plays Patsy is without question the best thing about this movie.  She has the sharpest lines, which she delivers with precision comic timing.  She has a scene where instead of washing her face in the morning she simply syringes Botox directly into like it is Dove soap.  Its classic Pats and shocking in a very funny way.    

In a world where we wake up almost every day to news of another awful tragedy, Ab Fab takes you away from that with playfully bad behavior, glitzy glamor, impossibly outrageous fashion and of course, Edina and Patsy who make the most unlikely best friends. 

While the moving most certainly didn’t rock my movie viewing world, it kept a smile on my face throughout.