I am rarely a negative blogger but today was a shitty day… truly shitty.  I may now lose my blog domain for swearing but is that word really swearing?  Shall I be British and say it was utter Pooh!!!

My saving grace was that I wore a pair of White House Black Market suede heels, which I am not going to lie made me smile every time I looked down at my feet – that was in between calls, meetings, interviews, putting out fires and so much more!  This is day time drama that goes with the territory of an every working person’s job.  At least I hope I am not alone and you have days like these??  I love my job, I do – honestly, but there are days when nothing goes to plan and this was one of those days.

WHBM – The “shiny” object that drew me in to the purchase – $125

So, SHOES.  My shoes arrived yesterday.  

Late one night last week I was on an online shopping binge for work clothes.  I have to say WHBM does me proud with petites, size 5s and great sales, but they do not offer petites or size 5s in store, so it’s a bit of a gamble with what may work and what doesn’t.  I honestly love to shop so online doesn’t do it for me as much.  I figured I would order some work clothes and be done with it.  Suddenly, something “shiny” caught my eye and I was “what… I like those, I may need them :)”  So I bought them figuring I wouldn’t like them in real life and would return them.  They are very colorful.


The moment I got to my patio. These needed to be photographed even with my swollen 95 degree ankles!

Well, wouldn’t you know they are fabulous and surprisingly comfy given the height and narrowness of them.  They seem to work in harmony with my feet… sounds crazy I know but they did.   I put them on at 7am this morning and didn’t take them off until 7pm tonight over a glass of Rosé on my tiny little Southie patio.  It was time to breath and reflect on the day while taking a photo of my feet.


The Rose helped me put my feet up!

They are a soft suede and the color is a classic red, black and tan, which does mean you may have to coordinate them with a little bit more effort to your outfit, but I think I made it work with a black dress with tan horizontal stripes.  I actually may love them and nothing could have made me happier today, unlike my dress which given the 95 degree weather was not agreeable at the end of the day. 

In fact, the shoes made me so happy I had to write about them immediately even though I have about 3-4 hours more work to do.


And now I am happy and I need my flip flops and sweats 🙂

Have I shared that shoes may be happy and these in particular saved my pooh Shoesday Tuesday?