If the shoe doesn’t fit, must we change the foot? Gloria Steinem

After a morning of picking out tile for my bathroom renovation, grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and trying my best to get back into some sort of fitness with a slow run around Castle Island, I got back to my condo and I realized it was still only 11.30am.  What on earth!  What do I do now?  It wasn’t lunchtime yet and I wasn’t really into being lazy, which definitely surprised me, so what the heck do I do?  You see this is why I am lazy on Saturday mornings.  It tends to be 11.30am before I even make any decisions about what to do with myself and I love it!  I work so many hours at my day job this is a time of the week where there are no demands on me except my own.  I decided it was time to go deep into the shoe closet, which had developed a little bit of a chaotic turn over the last few years. 

I pulled every single pair of shoes I own out of my amazing  California Closets and started a fresh.  I found shoes I had forgotten I had bought a year or more earlier, shoes I had no idea why I bought and a whole bunch of shoes that just did not belong anymore.  Why do I need 12 pairs of flip flops and why do I buy shoes too big for me?  While my waistline does grow, my feet are always going to be a teeny tiny size five. 


One part of the shoe cleans

Three hours later I had 22 pair of shoes I was parting ways with.  My friend, Laurie got a gorgeous pair of block heel sandals I had bought in England, which were a size six and fit her perfectly.  Goodwill got 13 pairs.  I truly hope some size five lucky person found them and the rest belonged in the trash.  My closet was returned to its intended glory and I had full visibility into my shoe collection.


Happily color coordinated and organized – Joy !!!

I have to say as much as I did struggle for a week about whether to actually part ways with them, in the end it was absolutely the right thing to do.