Last weekend I hosted a dinner party for a group of friends and needed some wine pairings.  I called up Social Wines, shared my menu and my personal tastes, which I think they know well and I basically said go for it.  They had 6 bottles of wine for me to pick up. 

One of the wines we didn’t get to share at the dinner table, I had the great pleasure of enjoying on my own.  This was truly not be design as I had no idea what I was in for, but selfishly I now believe I really did save the best just for me. 

The winery is one I had not heard of before called Buil & Giné located in the Spanish wine regions.  After checking out their website, I now think I really must visit, not only for their wines but for their Spanish tapas tastings and their tours.  Their home page quote is… A winery where everyone is welcome to enjoy an authentic experience revolving around wine, culture and gastronomy.


Buil & Giné Nosis 2014, Spain

The Buil & Giné Nosis 2014 is a Verdejo vine white wine.  The initial aroma is clean and fresh with a slight hint of asparagus and fresh cut grass.  On the palate the first taste lingers with mild sweetness and hints of cantaloupe and green grape.  There is a little effervescent tickle on the tongue which sticks around until the next sip.   I initially thought it was drinkable but forgettable however, after a while there is something comforting about this wine.  It reminds of that first sound of blues where it seems boring and same old same old but then becomes something truly enjoyable forcing you sit back shut your eyes and enjoy.

Think of this wine as Miles Davis and a little bit of blues.  It’s all about taking your time.

A fine choice for a summer wine, which I believe would pair well with Rosemary Chicken and Sausage Fricassee.

My rating…