“Humor keeps us alive. Humor and food. Don’t forget food. You can go a week without laughing.”
Joss Whedon

Over the years, I have written quite a few posts about Brasserie JO, including featuring their outstanding Coq au Vin on a previous Fab Dish Friday.  Back in 2011 I commented “that I believe Brasserie JO is an unsung gem of the Boston restaurant scene.  As long as I have lived in Boston, I have been going back to Brasserie JO for brunch, dinner, birthdays, a glass of wine and just dessert.  When I lived in the South End with Lauren, we would often treat ourselves to the fabulous fare that this restaurant offers.”  This sentiment is still relevant today. 

Last weekend after a long and fabulously exhausting shopping day with my friend, Erika we decided to stop by their bar area for some fondue and a glass of wine.  Before we indulged in some rich, cheesy goodness we enjoyed their complimentary crusty French bread and horseradish sliced carrots.  Erika also said she wanted to try Crispy Cauliflower, which I have to honestly say I was indifferent to.  Cauliflower is one of those vegetables that unless it is swimming in a ridiculous amount of cheese, I tend not to bother with.


Crispy Cauliflower with Dill Yogurt Sauce – $13.95

Well, let me tell you this cauliflower appetizer is ridiculously good!  Yeah, cauliflower is fantastic or at least this one is and so far removed from healthy I am not sure it can be called a vegetable :).  Deep fried cauliflower, which is just soft enough without being mushy on the inside and browned to the right amount of crispiness on the outside.  The best part though is dipping the bites of cauli into the dill yogurt sauce.  It is so good I asked our waiter to get me the recipe from the chef.   Apparently, it’s simply yogurt, mayonnaise, dill and spinach.  I need to try it! 






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