Back in May I did a write up on Dining and Wining in Nantucket after a blissfully relaxing weekend with a group of friends.  I had every intention of doing a more detailed write up on Cisco Brewers and never got around to it.  To be honest, I have struggled with getting around to writing at all due to my day job, however this past weekend I hunkered down and was in blog heaven most of the day.  I loved it!!


Cisco Brewers

So, to Cisco Brewers.  Before heading to Nantucket, a place I had not been to in about 10 years I asked my friend, Erika what we should do.  Besides recommending some new places to dine she raved about Cisco Brewers and insisted we must go there, so I in turn insisted the same to my friends. 

On our last day, we decided to drive over this little nirvana in the center of the island.  I so wish I didn’t have to leave for the ferry back to Boston.  It was a wonderful day.

Cisco Brewers offers tours of the brewery and a tasting beers and wines as well as fun daily events such as oyster shucking competitions and live music.  The place is really casual and easy going.  Its built for fun, chilling out and enjoying your family and friends.

Not being much of a beer drinker, we decided to do the wine tasting at the Nantucket Vineyard.  I am not going lie, I expected really bad wines and thought I was going to have turn my head away from the staff so that they didn’t see me grimacing at nasty sweet wine.  Well, shame on me – seriously!  The wine was actually good! 

We did a tasting of five or six wines all around $15-20 a bottle.  My favorite tasting was the Sailor’s Delight Special Reserve 2014, which was a fruity, fun red at just $20.  We did buy a couple of bottles.  Another favorite for me was the Left Hand Red, which apparently has a bit of a story behind the label.  Not sure how true this is but our wine guy told us the wine maker lost a finger on his left during the bottling process and that is where its name came from.  Even if it wasn’t true we were highly entertained by him, his knowledge of the winery and brewery and his attention to his guests.

Not ready to leave Cisco yet, we purchased a glass each of the Left Hand Red and sat outside at a picnic table in the sunny, slightly chilly day enjoying lobster rolls and pasta salad from Bartlett Farms, which is located a little further down the road from Cisco. 

They have so many great events throughout the whole season so next time I go to Nantucket I am going make sure we get the shuttle bus from town and we are not having to leave early. 

Definitely worth a visit if you ever go to Nantucket.