I am not going to blame my friend Lauren entirely for making me buy these gorgeous black suede with gold trim Prada Mary Jane shoes, but I will say she is like some sort of shopping drug and I just do not seem to have to have full control over my credit card. 

This past Saturday my credit card got a bit of beating with the purchase of these breathtaking and really quite fun shoes as well as some new tops and a small spree of things I just had to have from Sephora.  I would like ask “what is wrong with me?” However, that is a very silly question as I know exactly what is wrong with me.  I have on occasion had a shopping problem.


The moment I knew I had to have them!

So, back to the shoes.  I was in Saks, Boston when they caught the corner of my eye.  My inner voice was saying…  “please don’t be a size 5; please don’t be a size 5.”  European size 35, a size 5 American is exactly what was on display. Darn it and YAY!   I tentatively took the shoe off the shelf and slipped it onto my foot.  Oh my, it felt like a high, fabulous chunky heel slipper.  How can a shoe so high feel so good?  I really loved the unusual shape of the heal.  By this time Lauren had wandered back towards me and gave me that look, which only she can do and I knew I was a goner.  I asked for the second shoe and for the next 15 minutes I walked around the shoe store in them.  I swear the sales rep thought I was going to run out of the store.  Not sure how far I would have got in high heals but the thought did cross my mind!  I had to have them. 


Prada Peep Toe Mary Jane’s

Even though I have splurged in the past on bags and shoes my hand still shakes when I sign the credit card receipt and my heart races with guilt when I spend this amount of money on something so indulgent.  Of course, it doesn’t stop me but I do have to give myself a good talking to that as crazy as spending this amount of money is, I love shoes and they always love me back and I work really really hard and I am a good person, who deserves them and blah blah blah 🙂  I am hopeful they will be featured 10 years from now as still a favorite pair of shoes.