I am often asked to review books to which I always say no.  Usually because its books I have no interest in like living life with lactose intolerance or gluten free cooking.  This particular book piqued my interest.  Probably because it asks the mystifying but honest and sometimes embarrassing questions about food and why some foods just do funny things to our bodies or have an effect on something else.  Questions like the title itself…  Why does asparagus make your pee smell?  Well, now I know the answer because of this little fun and highly educational book, which I am now a little obsessed with.


The scientific formula

I know the answers to why beans make you fart?  Well, I just wanted to know and I now I do.  Why are some mushrooms poisonous?  I know it will be a cold day in hell when you find me hiking and needing to forage for mushrooms but I still needed to know the answer and again now I do. 

Do you remember Pop Rocks candy?  Ever wondered how they popped and rocked in your mouth, this book has the answer.  And, seriously did you know nutmeg can act as a hallucinogen.  I have nutmeg in my kitchen cupboards and it is an often-used spice.  Perhaps this is why I can sometimes forget why I am even in kitchen 🙂 


Pop Rocks

I once did a special blogger night featuring dishes using the Miracle Berry where it focused on how this tiny berry can alter the tastes of different foods.  I knew it could make citrusy fruit like lemons taste sweet, however I wasn’t really sure why. This book explains it.  

I can truly say I love this little book, which is giving me a scientific edge on those odd questions people have posed since they could first ask questions about food.

The book offers pages on flavor, aroma, color, poison, sensation, mind, health and transformation with easy to follow explanations and scientific graphics.  It could make for a super gift for someone.  

My sister and 7-year old niece arrive from England this weekend and I know my niece is absolutely going to love it.  Actually, thinking about my sister’s obsession with random trivia, she is probably going to love it more.  I also think I am going to impress my friends with my deep knowledge of weird food questions or perhaps they will just think I have gone completely nuts.  If they do, I will just blame the nutmeg. 

Why Does Asparagus Make Your Pee Smell?  Fascinating Food Trivia Explained with Science.  By Andy Brunning – $15.95