I have a crush on a new Rosé I have found.  Well it’s a bit more of a lustful wanton desire to drink this naughty little patio wine.  I say naughty because it is far too drinkable.  It really is almost a sin especially as its only $14!!     

This Provence Rosé imported by the Paris Wine Company first came across my radar last year when I was dining at Select Oyster Bar where I enjoyed the perfectly dry Grenache with a plate of oysters and a dish of oily sea bass crudo.   I have been looking to buy this wine every since then but hadn’t seen it anywhere until recently when I spotted it in my local wine store.

I delight in bone dry, fruity Rosé’s with a subtle softness that reminds of me of a hot summer’s day.  The Sentier’s aroma is simple with herby undertones.  On the tongue it is immediately vibrant and then settles with a fully rounded and balanced taste with just a touch of acidity.  It tastes like an expensive wine.   You just simply want to drink more!


Earl Georges de Blanquet Vin Sentier de Provence 2015

I see a lot of this wine being drank on my patio this summer. 

Serve with oily fish or seared chicken dishes.

My rating…