Thank you for your patience waiting for the Life-Food-Wine redesign.  

I have been writing blogs for about 10 years and this particular blog for 6 years now and like wine, this blog has benefited from time, providing a more satisfying and entertaining read.

Also like some wines, my blog had become more complex over time with more recurring categories, and I wanted to redesign this site to make it easier for you to navigate so you can quickly find all the familiar categories . . .  Restaurant Talk, Tracey on Wine, In the Kitchen as well as Wine Wednesday, Shoesday Tuesday, Thursday Thought, and Fab Dish Friday.  I have more ideas for this blog and hope you’ll continue to follow my journey as I continue to explore all that life, food and wine have to offer.

I would like to thank dluke design for their enormous help and support redesigning this site to be something I am incredibly proud of.  

I welcome your comments and thoughts regarding the new design and of course any additional ideas I can incorporate and thank you so much for visiting the new home for Life-Food-Wine.