1. Never workout – ever!  Or, maybe just once every 2 weeks for good measure.
  2. Work 12-16 hour days – it’s good for you.
  3. Drink wine often – one a night should do it (large glass of course).
  4. Never stick to a workout plan – no matter how many you download from the Internet 🙂
  5. Don’t bother with your office gym when you have 30 minutes spare (if you have 30 minutes spare – like ever!!!).
  6. Always stay up late and watch reruns of NCIS – whether you have seen them before or not!  You can never get enough of Tony DiNozzo.
  7. If you do get to leave the office a little earlier make sure you accept the offer of a drink after work rather than a workout.
  8. Go into a panic state often about not being able to even run 1 mile and promise yourself you will change tomorrow – then snooze the alarm 10 times until you get up just in time for work. 
  9. Always say “well, the race is only 2 weeks away – plenty of time”
  10. Ignore everything I have just said and get off your bottom and run!!!!!!