I had been without heat most of last Sunday.  It was 10 outside and 510 in my house.  Not cold enough to freeze me but definitely give me a nasty chill in my bones and an even bigger ache in my heart that I was alone on this most romantic day of the year.  After hours of service calls it was finally fixed with the help of a friend and the warmth into my bones and a little bit into my heart returned.

I hadn’t left the house all day and was feeling a little stir crazy.   I needed to be entertained with a great bottle of wine and a romantic comedy, or perhaps a tense drama. 

I went full on cliché on the romantic comedy and watched Valentine’s Day.  I love this movie!  It turns me into a crying ball of mush.  I also watched The Talented Mr. Ripley a gripping classic story of a twisted mind. 

For wine, I looked through my fabulous wine fridge and retrieved a bottle of Hill Family Estate Albarino 2013. 

I joined the Hill Family wine club about four years ago; left and rejoined them last year once I had got back on my financial feet after buying my new condo.   I do love their reds, in particular a fabulous red named Messenger, which I have a few bottles of in my fridge.  I was excited to try this particular white.


Hill Family Estate Albarino 2013

My first nose was one of intense sweetness, which invades the nostrils followed by fruits of pineapple and peach.  I thought it was going to be a syrupy sweet wine… not the case at all.  The initial taste is vibrant on the tongue with flavors of cantaloupe, peach and nectarine coming through and I have say a bit of banana – honestly, banana.  There is a sharpness which hits the end of your tongue and awakens its taste buds in anticipation for more, which is exactly what you want from this wonderful sharp Albarino.   After a while this white settles into a smooth slightly herby very drinkable wine.  This white wine does a Fred Astaire tap dance on every part of your mouth in the most romantically happy way.   Big fan of this wine!  I am ordering more from them.

In the end, I had a great Valentine’s Day!

This wine pairs fabulously well with a romantic comedy.

My rating…