The first time I had tried this dish was back in May when I went to the Elephant Walk in the South End for my birthday. Since then, every time I have visited both the South End and the Porter Square restaurant, I have ordered it. This dish is simply FABulous.

I had talked about wanting it for about 30 minutes with my friend, who I was dining with last night. He kept trying to get them to change it up slightly, who knows why. He kept talking about gluten when apparently there is no gluten in the dish. I was having absolutely none of it even though they were being obliging to him. He needed to taste exactly how they made it. I won the battle and the appetizer of juicy shredded braised duck with a tang of ginger and juicy portobello mushrooms generously layered onto a creamy polenta arrived in front of is.


Polenta et canard braisé aux champignons- Duck braised in soy-ginger tamarind juice, creamy polenta, portobello mushroom, snow peas – $12

I practically had to fight my friend from eating the whole thing!

If for nothing else, this dish is worth the trip alone.