I absolutely love movie nights. I like how they can take you on a fun adventure, a heartbreaking journey or just utterly entertain you with great action.  In fact, I take myself to the movies a lot, especially over at the fabulous Chestnut Hill SuperLux Theater.  Well, I want to talk about Movie Night, however this movie night is just a little bit different…  it’s a dessert.

As a surprise for a team dinner we were having this past week, the Dessert Chef at The Outlook Kitchen & Bar in the Envoy Hotel sent over an ingenious dessert called Movie Night.  This dessert perfectly brings a story together with a buttered popcorn panna cotta, yeah buttered popcorn panna cotta, caramel corn, salted caramel sauce, Dr. Pepper granite and dried sour cherries to marry an adventure of action flavors, which take you on a fabulous journey close to tears of joy. 


Movie Night

It’s a rare thing for me to share a dessert for Fab Dish Friday but this one, oh boy, is worthy of Fab Dish December!!!

If it is not on the menu please whisper in the ear of your waiter that you heard about this amazing dessert. 

More to come on our fun night at The Outlook.