The leaves are turning to gold and falling from the trees.  The chill is in the bright sunshine air and our Boston restaurants are gearing up for the change over to the heartier fall menus.  One such change I was lucky enough to get a (complimentary) sampling of with my friend BosGuy.  The offer came from Aragosta in the Battery Wharf Hotel

The hotel itself lines the waterfront and has scenic views of the harbor and city.  Upon entering the main doors there is a welcoming, spacious lobby filled with sofas and lounging chairs.  Aragosta is off to the left of the lounge.  We were greeted by very friendly hosts and led out past the large open kitchen area and chef’s table to the patio where we were met by the PR folks presenting the new menu and one other writer from Thrillist.  


Aragosta Restaurant

The chill was definitely in the air on this particular evening; however we were seated around a warm fire pit with flaming heat lamps around us and blankets to wrap around our legs and shoulders.  They brought out fun drinks of margaritas with a meringue top and a fragrant rosemary cocktail along with a chacuterie board of cheese and meats.  I loved the citrusy margarita and of course put cheese in front of me and I am always happy.


A margarita by the fire pit

After a time, we were escorted into the restaurant for dinner.  Warm lighting with autumn hues lends itself to giving the restaurant a more relaxed and comfortable feel.  Down the center of the restaurant is a line of tables separated by sheer silk curtains, which make it look romantic and inviting.  The five us were seated right in the middle with the curtains slightly closed making it feel private without being cut off from the restaurant.


Chacuterie Board

As we looked at the menu of enticing tastings we were yet to meet, Chef Joseph Adamo a reserved smiley guy, talked passionately about his menu and seemed genuinely excited for us to experience his creations. 

We started with buttery scallops on top of a fabulous parsnip puree and spaghetti squash giving it a fresh tasting change to overly filling pasta.


Georges Banks Scallops – Parsnip Puree, Spaghetti Squash, Crisp Rapini

Our next treat was one of my favorites, a rich tasting duck leg confit with cabbage and spicy boar sausage served in its own cast iron pot.


Canadian Duck Leg Confit – Arrow Head Cabbage, Wild Boar Mergez (Cinammon) Wild Blueberry

While every one enjoyed the pork belly and lentils, I was treated to intensely rich shredded boar with house-made gnocchi, which I think may have been the envy of the table.  It was just truly amazing.


Pork Belly & Lentils – Potato, Lardon, Eastern Seven Spice

The final tasting before dessert was a meaty lobster and creamy ricotta filled cannelloni with a bit of a twist, the cannelloni is made with thinly sliced potato giving it a less heavy taste. 


House-made Gnocchi

Dessert arrived of warm apple blossom for everyone and a plate of gelato and mini biscotti for me along with the offer of coffee and after dinner drinks.  Sadly, having a cinnamon allergy this time of year is not the best :(. 


Lobster Cannelloni – Hand Packed Lobster Ricotta, Smoked Tomato Pecorino Gratin

The whole evening was fun, super tasty and has me eagerly anticipating heading back in November to check out the full fall menu.


Warm Apple Blossom – Carmel, Vanila Gelato

Aragosta is great location for a cozy date on the patio, dinner with friends in the restaurant or getting together for a family brunch at the weekends. 

I will see them again in a few weeks!




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