My whole plan this weekend was to catch up on work and run.   That did not happen – not even a little bit.  I really don’t want to feel guilty about it either but I do, just a little.  The work part not the running.  Why?

Anyway, I met my friend Rob for brunch on Sunday at around 11am.  We decided on Union Bar & Grille (now closed) on Washington.   It was incredibly fortuitous that as we walked in we spotted a table in the bar area and we quickly parked our butts before anyone else grabbed it.  There was practically a line going out of the door.  That was the start of an incredibly fun day. 

After an evening of quite a bit of wine Tracey needed her coffee and a lot of it.  After replenishing my body with eggs bennie and about four cups of coffee we were ready to do a little hometown exploration.

SoWa (South of Washington Street) – Boston’s fabulous open market is open from early summer right through to Halloween and some stores through Thanksgiving.  The area is so fun to walk around and browse, window shop, buy flowers and cheese and maybe a little trinket from the flea market, or fun necklace, or even a fabulous gorgeous coat I was eyeing up by an amazing designer called “Terese Crowninshield.”  We met her personally and she is so nice.  In fact, every stall owner we met was absolutely lovely.  By the way, I didn’t buy the coat – even though I loved it. 

We were so entertained with looking in the hat shop, going in Mohr McPherson and trying out some of the funky furniture like that orange chair, and then browsing through all the little vendor market stalls. 

After SoWa we then decided we needed more coffee so took ourselves to the Buttery for a cappuccino and red velvet cupcakes – yummy.  Lots of people watching and bumping into familiar faces.  One absolutely stunning young man called Patrick who I couldn’t take my eyes off (a friend of Rob’s).  Beautiful, 6.4ft fabulous model of a man.  I was in my flats so standing next to him was ridiculous.  I was just gazing up.

We then walked around the South End even more, taking a look in Aunt Sadie’s, always a favorite, where I bought a little pasta cook book, and Gifted that has so much kitschy fun stuff and then Rob asked me “shall we have a cocktail?”  Of course, I was absolutely appalled that he would suggest such a thing at 3.30pm on a Sunday – really I was!!  I finally succumbed after a lot of persuading and arm twisting that I went like this… Rob –  “shall we have a cocktail?”  Tracey – “err, okay.”  He was very convincing indeed.

Off to Sister Sorel on Tremont.  Well, there are really no words.  Sister Sorel on a Sunday at 4pm is like going to a Gay Rave on a Saturday night.  There were more drunk boys in that bar than you can shake a stick at.  Fabulous people watching… I was utterly fascinated by the whole scene.  A guy fell off a chair, another guy sat in some strangers seat and drank his cocktail before walking into a wall, another was hitting on my friend – all there for our enjoyment I think.  Rob and I were totally amused by everything going on.  I think we were a little bit of a draw to them as one by one each of them came over talking to us to find out our story.  We are very good friends 🙂

Home to Southie and then off to the Farragut House for some normality with my Southie girls, and to update them on my interesting weekend.

The Orange Chair – fun right!


Outdoor dining?

Cupcakes in a Truck


Rob posing for me