Mention the name Amy Schumer a few months ago and there are few that would have recognized it.  Mention it now and everyone knows who she is given that she is the “It” girl of the romantic comedy world, whose presence is sought after by every talk show host across the globe from Ellen to Graham Norton.

I am a big fan of Director, Judd Apatow so I always take note when he brings out a new movie.  His tends to take on the more edgy, inappropriate RomCom movies that are not usually all sweetness and light.  Think The 40 Year Old Virgin, This is 40 and Knocked Up and you will know what I mean.   

Trainwreck is this exact rebellious genre of a RomCom but with a woman at the helm of the raucous laughter.   Written, acted and produced by Amy Schumer of Comedy Central fame, the film centers on Amy, played by Amy Schumer.  Amy and her sister, Kim come from a broken home and are brought up by a father who shares the philosophy with them that monogamy is not realistic.  Kim follows the traditional role of marriage and children while Amy is quite the opposite, leading a life of unapologetic, anti-monogamous independence.

The difference, I think with this movie is that you don’t feel sorry for Amy for being non-committal, drinking too much and smoking pot as you see it as more her choice rather than her trying to mask or hide from something.  Nor do you applaud her behavior.  I think she is just stuck in a rut.  

Amy is a feature writer for a men’s magazine and is asked to write a piece on a sports doctor, Aaron Conners played by Bill Hadar who is trailblazing a new orthopedic surgical method for athletes.  She has absolutely no interest in sports but does develop an attraction for him over time.  Aaron is a sweet, kind and good man who for his own reasons falls for Amy.   He encourages her to have an adult relationship with him, which she does rebel against in some scenes that are both funny and sad. 

There are some fantastic additional characters in this movie.  Aaron’s side kick is played by LeBron James and I have to say he is really good – honestly.  He has a super funny scene where he is a quoting Kanye’s Gold Digger song – it actually takes you a minute to get it.   Tilda Swinton plays Amy’s bitingly, harsh and unfeeling boss.  I had no idea it was even her.  There are also a lot of current SNL cast members playing cameo scenes throughout.

While the movie takes you on a journey of laughable disasters, there is a poignant side especially in scenes with her sister and her father now in a care home that have Amy questioning some of her current behaviors.     

I know I didn’t give you much on plot of the movie itself but I really don’t need to as it follows the classic boy meets girl, boy messes up, boy wants girl back, boy gets girl back script only switch that around to girl meets boy.  

I know from reading some reviews, not everyone agrees that it is a funny movie.   It seems there is still an uncomfortable feeling from some watching a woman they believe is behaving like a man.  No question this movie is raunchy and a little cringey to watch but I think it’s brilliantly funny right through to the last hysterical scene.  

If you are easily offended, I wouldn’t go and see it but if you like the edgy romantic comedies this one gets a huge thumbs up from me.