You have heard me many times harp on about the lack of size 5 shoes.  It truly feels like they are weeding us out to extinction.  Apparently we adult size 5s are not worthy of the High Street.

A few weeks ago I was looking for some new (affordable) sandals. This is the honest truth…  I probably went into nine stores before any store beyond the Macy’s kid’s section had sandals in my size.  For the most part sales people just give me the sympathetic half smile and said no, but there are some that just look at me as though I have two heads and I have to leave with a sad, frowny face.  Some actually just hand the shoe back and say we don’t do 5s.  They dont even look!

I decided to go into Nine West in the Copley, which I hadn’t been in for quite some years.  I found a pair of cute wedge sandals, which is exactly what I was looking for.  I have to say, I had my doubts when I asked for my size and I had one foot heading back towards to the door when the guy surprised me and said of course.  What??? 


Bigeasy Wedge Sandals

Their big sign in the windows stating…  “We’ll find your size” seems to be true.  Go Nine West!!   So, you know when you find something that you really like?  Why not buy more?  I bought them in neutral and black.  They were on sale so I really had no choice in the matter.



These Bigeasy Wedge Sandals are really comfortable, look super cute and I have already worn them quite a few times at the start of this summer. There will be many more times to come.


When the shoe fits, buy 2!

Thank you Nine West for keeping the size 5s alive