When our office moved over to the Seaport area of the Financial District, I promised myself I would go out as much as I could and enjoy the outdoors during my lunch hour, even if it was only for 20 minutes.  It didn’t happen, I bought or brought lunch to my desk, sat in front of it and worked almost every day.

The winter hit and I could have kicked myself as the misery of actually being trapped in sunk in.  So, I just worked and worked whether imprisoned at home because of snow emergencies or stuck in the office not wanting to leave because it was -10 degrees out with major snow piles everywhere.  I shudder each time I think of this past winter- brrrr!

This year, I resolved to change my lunching habits and I started it this week. 

Do you know how lovely Post Office Square (aka Norman B Leventhal Park) is?  It’s a grassy, tranquil haven right in the middle of the city.  Seriously! 

PO Sq.2

Enjoying my lunch on the wall

In addition to being able to grab a cushioned seat so you don’t have to ruin that light colored dress with grass stains when you want to sit down to enjoy your lunch, listen to your iPod or read a book, they also have exercise classes of boot camp, yoga, Pilates and the list goes on and on.  Check this out for the class schedule and it gets better… its free.  Some afternoons there is also free music. 

PO sq.4

I may sit on the grass tomorrow 🙂

While I have not as yet done any classes, I am tempted to perhaps try out a Pilates class one morning.  I may embarrass myself because I seriously do not bend but why not?

PO Sq.3

I hear Sip does a really nice iced coffee. Will have try it!

Twice this week I have picked up my favorite make-your-own salad from Freshii on high Street and sat down on a bench in the park with a club soda and just people watched.  I didn’t even turn on my iPod. People sat down next to me and smiled, they really did, some said hello, and one guy (very cute I might add) asked me what I do for work.  Who knew this world outside of lunch at my desk existed!!

I walked back to work after just a 20 minute respite both days and felt I could conquer the afternoon. 

What do you do to break up your busy work day?