As you know I have a shoe issue… I love them, I buy them – a lot, I wear them, not all of them – there are too many and it is sometimes the wrong season.  I can make up any excuse in the world for NEEDING them and can’t live without them scenarios.  I am a hopeless shoemantic!  And… quite possible a “shoe-a-holic.”

Case in point this weekend. I went out to buy my friend a birthday present.  I knew exactly what I wanted so it took two minutes to make the purchase and about 25 minutes for the man to wrap the gift to present.   I am not sure that men should wrap gifts… I don’t think it is part of their genetic makeup to be able to do this task.  That said, and before any of my friends point this out to me, I am a terrible terrible present wrapper.  I always buy gift bags and tissue paper :). 

So, I was in the mood to keep looking around and “browse” in shop windows for a little bit longer, which was probably a very bad idea.  

I wandered down Boylston and Newbury Street, in the Pru and Copley – it was a little wet but quite mild so I didn’t mind at all.  I looked in a couple of shop windows and accidentally walked into a shop – a very nice shop.  It wasn’t what it looked like, it just happened!  I was browsing; it is all a blur – I honestly may have had a mini blackout and something took over me and bought a pair of boots… a pair of Ralph Lauren (on sale) long black boots with cute gold buckles at the ankle, and the perfect little heel and the perfect fit, and they fit around my calves as though they were made for me – they were perfect, although I have no memory of making the purchase – honestly!  Has this ever happened to you?  Tell me I am not alone? 

I will wear them all the time when boot season comes around again!!!!