Continuing with the sharing snipits of my recent trip to San Francisco and Napa, I wanted to let you know about a little speakeasy fun we indulged in. 

I had heard of Bourbon and Branch over the years of visiting San Fran but had never been, this past trip was my chance.  I made a reservation for a quiet Sunday evening at 7.30pm in their Tenderloin location. 

We knocked at the inconspicuous door, which you may walk past about 10 times if you are not sure exactly where it is.  A pretty young woman opened the black, heavy door and quietly asked for the password.  She shut the door again and came back a minute later to beckon us into the seriously dark and seductive speakeasy.  We obviously got the password right.

Transported back to the 1920’s prohibition era, Bourbon and Branch has cozy booths, candlelit backdrops and secret, hidden doors, which lead to other rooms.  It is truly difficult to see anything at all until your eyes adjust, which adds to the allure of something elicit and wrong.  I immediately loved it.  We walked past a heavily making out couple to the last booth and were handed the menus. 


Bourbon and Branch cocktails

The menu offers libations of classic whiskey and bourbon Manhattan-style cocktails, plus the unique of the mixologists, hand-crafted and innovative drinks and traditional mixed drinks for those without a too daring palate.  They will also make a cocktail to your liking if you don’t see something that appeals to you.  That said, one of their house rules is “Don’t even think about ordering a Cosmo”, which is always my sister’s go to.

I ventured way beyond my wine palate and ordered an awesome bourbon cocktail with a taste of espresso.  I honestly cannot remember the name and can’t find the menu online, but I do know it was seriously strong and seriously good.  My sister, Toni picked another bourbon drink with a cinnamon twist, while Marcella enjoyed a wildly citrusy gin gimlet.  All good, all fun, all creative. 

By the way, one of their other rules is not too take photos but I just had to take a pick or two of our sophisticated cocktails.


Bourbon and Branch

I have to say I felt pretty ritzy going to Bourbon and Branch and recommend a visit to anyone looking for something different to do before or after dinner.