As you may know I watch a lot of movies.  However, I watch and inordinate amount Romantic Comedies.  I can’t help it . . . I love them.  I know I shouldn’t think like this but I would really like my life to be a romantic comedy.  Instead, what I usually get is the middle part of the movie where the guy does me wrong and then never comes back.  They always come back, usually with their tail between their legs, in romantic comedies.  I know I know, I am insane.

Well, as I am a little romantically crazy and we all know I am, I think I need to contrive my own encounter in order to create a romantic connection with someone – aka a meet-cute 🙂


I am thinking a lighthearted plot line of perhaps accidentally bumping into my target, with maybe a few obstacles just to make it a bit more real. 

Who wants to help me script my own romantic comedy?

I found this link . . . how to write a romantic comedy screenplay