Continuing with the theme of what I can do to keep myself busy, active, energized and of course relaxed, fed and watered, I felt sharing would be a super idea and I have just the blog to do it!   I posted my first Weekend Download last week and had some nice reactions, which makes me feel like I am doing something worthwhile.   So here’s what we have this week…



Head on down to Copley Square to Oak Long Bar and Kitchen.  Now that it is a warmer and sunnier you can sit outside and enjoy their little patio.  Alternatively, pull up high chesterfield bar stool or a barstool for two for cozy couples and enjoy a pizza and charcuterie board to share over a glass of Pinot Noir Sancerre.  Or, if you want something a little lighter, I highly recommend their tuna tartar.  I am kind of obsessed with this dish.

Oak Long Bar

Tuna Tartare at Oak Long Bar

Why go:  Great people watching, friendly, experienced bar staff and their charcuterie boards, which are outstanding.  A perfect place for that 4pm Saturday cocktail after shopping.


My friend gave me a gift card for MiniLuxe for my birthday.  Thank you Kady!  I booked MY first ever MiniLuxe mani, pedi and eyebrow shaping for my upcoming trip to San Francisco.  I have to say their service is super friendly, on time and efficient.  The young woman who did my eyebrows didn’t pin me down and start waxing before I have time to even prepare myself, like they do in my Southie location.  Instead she talked to me about the shape I wanted and took her time to do it right.  They are perfect, even with my slightly higher left eyebrow – it was adjusted accordingly 🙂  My pedi was superb with the best foot scrub I think I have ever had.

Why go:  A bit more of a treat and quite honestly the foot scrub is worth it alone.


Visit Castle Island in South Boston.  I am lucky enough to have this gorgeous part of Boston on my doorstep.  Take a walk around the beach to Castle Island itself and back up the boardwalk towards L Street.  There are lots of families flying kites, couples walking hand-in-hand, sunbathers catching the first rays of the year and picnickers with their personal grills for hamburgers.   If you don’t have a grill stop by Sullivan’s for a burger, crinkle fries or soft serve ice-cream.  It is also fun to watch the water surfers when they are out there.  I personally love to leisurely run or briskly walk the Island to clear my head or prepare for the day ahead.


Castle Island

Why go:  It’s free and a great day out whether relaxing or exercising and everyone is always smiling.  If you are part of the 20-something crowd, M Street Beach is the place to be and be seen.


One of the funniest and most entertaining movies I have seen this year is Pitch Perfect 2.  It is a riotously good time and even better when you treat yourself to the SuperLux theater in Chestnut Hill.  Put your feet up, get a soda or if you are me, wine and some popcorn and enjoy the luxury while being highly entertained by this awesomely cute movie.


SuperLux Lounge

Why go:  If you seriously want to treat yourself to a movie night, SuperLux is the way to go.   If you feel paying $28 is a bit too much, which I totally understand, I still cannot recommend Pitch Perfect 2 enough.  It’s fantastic!  Stick around for the final scene with Bumper – totally worth it.


I truly hope you enjoy these posts and I welcome any comments, ideas to add to future posts which any of you want to share, ask my thoughts on or recommend I try.