I am completely suckered into the luxury side of movie viewing thanks to the SuperLux in Chestnut Hill.  Shame on them 🙂

I was having a relatively low key, all about me weekend before my upcoming vacation, when I had the idea of adding a movie to it.  I was dying to see the new Pitch Perfect 2 movie.  I thought the first one was so darling that I bought it and have watched it many times over.  It’s such an entertaining movie and the second is equally as entertaining with a lot more riotous fun added.   

My friend, Erin decided to join me so we headed over to Chestnut Hill to the Showcase SuperLux Movies in Chestnut Hill.  Brilliant idea I thought.

Located on Boylston Street in Chestnut Hill, the SuperLux hosts six luxury theaters with a choice of SuperLux and LuxLite seating.  The SuperLux lounge really has that extra factor with a high ceilings and comfy seating.  A great place to stop by and have a cocktail before or after the movie.  Davios Cucina is also in the same building and looks as elegant and welcoming as its other restaurants.


SuperLux Lounge

There was really no option as far as I was concerned for our ticket.  If I am going luxury, I am going all in.  $28 a ticket later we were seated in assigned true luxury seating.  Soft lounge electronic seats recline to put your feet up and body back in order to fully and comfortably relax.  There is a wooden table you could pull over in order to place all of your goodies, while enjoying the show.  Our ticket price included unlimited popcorn and $5 off any menu item as well as continued waiter service throughout the movie.  The LuxLite tickets offer ultra-comfy seats, not as reclining as SuperLux and menu deliveries prior to the movie. 


SuperLux Seating

Our personal waiter came over to introduce herself to us.  She handed over iPads and explained the menus and also showed us the call button, which we could use whenever our hearts desired something.  The menu offers restaurant quality dishes such as the fabulous spring rolls from Davios Cucina, specialty desserts and a fun cocktail lists.  Of course there is also candy.  We had already eaten dinner so we ordered two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc and a bucket of fresh salted popcorn each. 

Our waiter came out a few times to check on us and to make sure we were happy.  We were very happy. 

This complex offers everything anyone would want for that perfect date or a great night out with friends.  Dinner, movies, popcorn and a cocktail. 

The movie… After being shamed at a show for the President and First Lady the Barden Bellas are suspended from singing and have to find a way to climb back to the top.  The only way to do this is make a play for the Acapella world championships, which has been dominated by the unbeatable German group, Das Sound Machine.  The rest of the movie leads you on that journey and their last year of college with Fat Amy finding love, Becca finding her music producing passion and the group having to learn there is more to life than Acapella… or is there?   If you want to giggle, laugh and just enjoy something a little more innocent with a bit of sass of course, this is a must see. 

I am a huge fan of this theater and I have to say the move Pitch Perfect 2.