Lately, I have been thinking of ways to keep my life busy beyond just work, which seems to have taken over again.  This past winter Boston took its toll with the weather and I think a lot of us got used to not really doing much outside of the workplace, or perhaps that was just me.  A way for me to kickstart my fun was to think about some things that are blog worthy and perhaps a way to share cool places, restaurants and goings on in the city.  A little bit of Life, a lot of food and of course no weekend is fulfilled without wine!

Sadly, after more than a week of being sick with a nasty head cold I had still not planned anything at all.  I had to do something to get out of my chicken noodle soup funk.  While I still didn’t feel great, the nicer weather was beckoning me to be outside, errands were piling up and honestly I just wanted to do something other than feel sorry for myself while lying on my couch watching reruns of NCIS.

On Saturday morning, I was craving the Croque Madame at Bar Boulud.  I needed to actually be able to taste food and I was hoping this was the brunch to do it.  Joined by my friend Kathryn, we sat at the bar and enjoyed a casual Saturday brunch of Croque Madame for me and Onion Soup for her.  It was worthy of my craving and taste buds.  Their brunch menu is French inspired with plates of  Pate Grand-Pere, made with foie gras and truffles, gourmet burgers with confit pork belly and the Departed with Irish bacon, cheddar as well as Onion Soup made with Guinness.   I told the bartender I was dreaming of the Croque Madame and he told me dreams come true at Bar Boulud.  I guess he was right.

Why go:  Easy going, low key with high-end food.  No reservation needed for the bar/café area… and of course the Croque Monsieur/Madame.  Also, a great place to dine alone at the bar, which I have done many times.   Oh and if you are a white burgundy fan, order the Aligote – it’s wonderful.


Croque Madame at Bar Boulud

After brunch we did a little bit of retail therapy.  Well, we did a lot of retail therapy.  My cold obviously doesn’t think it has a bank balance.  Oh well, I have a birthday coming up and I needed a self gift!

That evening I met another friend at Beehive.  It has been a long time since I have dined at this very cool urban locale.  We were lucky enough to find a seat at the bar downstairs right in the middle of the great people watching.  Live soft jazz plays in the background in the early part of the evening while diners enjoy creative cocktails, wine from unique countries like Lebanon and comfort food menu items such as spicy mussels marinara, baby back ribs, fisherman’s stew and swordfish putanesca await your palate.  We dined on appetizers of tuna tartare, mussels, schmaltz fried rice (my favorite) and the bohemian platter.  A fantastic selection of tastes and flavors.

Why go:  Something a little different from the everyday restaurant.  Fun cocktails, great food, live music and interesting people watching.  A super date place or a place to hang out with friends.  It also has a good price point.


Beehive – Photo from Beehive website

Sunday morning and still feeling a little unwell, I looked down to my toes and thought ugh – gross.  When was the last time I had a pedicure?  My feet were absolutely not worthy of the human eye and something had to be done.  While South Boston (where I live) has tons of mani / pedi places there is one I go to over and over again and that is Wendy’s on East Broadway.  Relaxed in the massage chair, I shut my eyes while the owner did her magic.  Actually a miracle more than magic was needed!  Finally, I left being able to wear open toe shoes again.   

Why go:  A pedi takes about 30 minutes and includes a relaxing leg and foot massage ending with hot rocks.  A bargain at just $25. 

Wearing my open toe sandals and freshly pedicured toes, I met my friend Stacey for an early dinner at the European-styled Artisan Bistro in the Ritz Hotel.  The bar and restaurant was super quiet but what else could we expect at 5pm.  We were on a time limit as we had tickets for the movies that evening so we were quick to order to dishes to share from their friendly bartenders.  Their menu offers awesome flatbreads, fresh salads and lighter bites.  We shared a fresh green salad which they kindly split for us, delicious mushroom truffle flatbread and sweet bite-sized lobster and guacamole tacos.  All delivered timely enough for us to make the movie.

Why go: A super place to stop by for a bite before or after the movies or a theater show.  Enjoy a flatbread and salad and head back after your show for dessert and a glass of Sancerre. 


Artisan Bistro – Photo from restaurant website

My absolutely wonderful, albeit a bit under the weather weekend ended with a rollercoaster of a summer blockbusting movie.  None other than The Avengers:  Age of Ultron.  What can I say?  This movie is just insanely awesome.  Superheroes, demi-gods, villains, non-stop action and thrills that end in The Avengers saving the world. 

Why go:  Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America – need I say more ladies?

Any thoughts for what to do on Boston Weekends are very welcome.  What did you do this past weekend?




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