In return for my old sofa and chair a colleague gave me a gift of wine.  Oh how well people know me.  While flowers and chocolates are indeed a nice thank you gift, wine is accepted with a different type of joy and happiness.   Wine just simply makes me happy and for the record doesn’t make me sneeze.  One of the gifts was a Highlands Chardonnay 2012, a wine I was not familiar with.  I do enjoy being introduced to new wines. 


Highlands Chardonnay 2012, Morgan Winery

The Highlands Chardonnay from the Morgan Winery , is barrel fermented in 23% pressed in French Oak along with neutral barrels and is a light golden honey color.  The first aroma is rich and musky, reminiscent of a classic Chardonnay giving it the expectations of being buttery and creamy.  There is a hint of cantaloupe on the nose but not much other fruit.  First taste is much lighter than I expected with a vibrancy that surprises the palate.  On the second sip tastes of melon, kiwi and citrus culminate in a long but light mild buttery taste with zinger finish.  This Chardonnay is wonderfully easy to drink and turns out it pairs marvelously well with a condo awaiting new sofas and the TV show Elementary.  What an absolutely lovely wine.


Salmon Cakes with Salad

For dinner, I paired this wine with delicious Salmon Cakes, which I have so say was a wonderful combination. 

If you like a lighter chardonnay with all of the elements of the classic, this was is perfect for you.

My rating…